What makes you mad in airsoft

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    INFANTRYPRO New Member

    You'll shoot your eye out kid!!
  2. Wahoo

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    Back to actual subject:

    When you let someone borrow your gun and before the game even starts they start wasting ammo by going full auto on trees and cans for no reason. Just to shoot, even though it's not their battery, ammo or gun.

  3. cdthedude2

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    Ya I'm usually fairly laid back but geez I spaz at them
  4. cdthedude2

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    This isn't on field FYI, this is around picnic tables and crap
  5. Wahoo

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    I recommend caring a pair of glasses to wear if u need to clean your goggles/glasses/mask. Safety first.
  6. Blackshadowz1357

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    Get the l96. I promise you you will not regret it I personally own one and let me just say its amazing
  7. Devgru98

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    I wouldn't mind that if they're paying you to do it :D
  8. HR26

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    I hate it when people say paintball is better than airsoft. I hate it when people don't call their hits. I hate it when people say their "pros" and never even played airsoft. I hate it when little boys take my expensive gun and puts dirt in the hop up and barrel breaking my gun then saying I accidentaly broke, then throw it to me 20 feet away then running away. ( and my gun from 20 feet away hit the ground 4 feet from where the kid through it)...

    INFANTRYPRO New Member

    Still doesn't matter, anything could happen. A bb from a parellel universe might teleport right in front of you and hit your eye!!
  10. mach1airsoft

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    I hate when some kids think they are the best of the best because their friends second cousin brothers girlfriends was in the military.
    I hate when kids say crosmans bbs are the best.
    I hate when people say sprinters are better because they don't need a battery.
    I hate people who know everything about guns because they play call of duty and battle field.
    I hate when people say I can buy a real gun for the price of the of a airsoft gun
    ( that's true though)
    U hate when kids try to play with crosmans pistols and call time out every time they run out if ammo.
    I hate people who keep falling back very far and you have to chase them for ever.
    I hate the kids who are ruining this great sport for us by playing with there guns in public.
    I hate people who complain that it not fair that you have a good gun when they gave like $1000 worth of lpeg.
    I hate people who just buy new guys instead oh upgrading the one they have.
    I gate when people have $500+ of gear and wear a ORANGE sweatshirt and shorts for field. And they wounded why their legs are all scraped up.
    I hate when the brush is so high that utopia can barely walk.
    I hate when the trees grow in and when you shoot they hit off trees, or get stop by the brush being so heavy.
  11. LemonTactics

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    Start enforcing a rule tht we had down here; No time outs, you reload on in game time and if you run out of ammo you're out. That should make one less thing that pisses you off.
  12. gymboy43

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    West Springfield
    Yes! I hate when that happens! Although, in my first air battle, i had a banana mag pistol so i had to call time outs a lot. It was annoying not only to my opponents, but to me too.
  13. GunJack

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    Evil Volcano Lair
    I hate it when advertisements are spelled wrong. Has anyone noticed that the white Tiger111hk ad says 'Frist Choice'?
  14. cobrastc12

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    Thats me :) haha it usually shuts them up
  15. Njnewland

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    Yes, I noticed that a while ago.
    I thought it was kinda funny.
  16. cairo

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    GR 15. It's easy to fieldstrip, I just have to do it way to much in the field!
  17. GreenBerets

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    I hate when im playing search and destroy and i find someone. I take them out with one shot and he yells HIT really loud and then everyone else comes, sees me and the next thing i know is i got 6 guys now shooting me.
  18. Pezturbator

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    That happens so much to me >.<
  19. mach1airsoft

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    When people say we are "whips"and "pussies" for only "playing" with airsoft guns. Personally I want to be able to shoot my friends and not attend their funeral. I shoot real guns to. The funny part is the people who tell me this the biggest thing they every shot and own are a .22, I have shot a sks, hundreds of .22 and I shot and own a .12 gauge and a thirty ot six. Also i hunt. Or when they complain they could buy a real gun for the price if a real gun (which you could and that pretty sad) but I don't want to buy me a crap $100 rifle because it cheap. I want quality not quantity.
  20. airsofter347

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    Running out of water in 95 degrees.

    I agree with you dude, i to also hunt and have several real guns. People think you have to overkill everything to be a man.

    Call your hits = real man