What optical MOSFET do you prefer, and why?

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    Starting to purchase mods for my rifle and it's MOSFET time! What MOSFETs do you guys prefer and what makes it your preference? What's its pros and cons that YOU have experienced during your use and ownership of said MOSFET? Let's hear them answers!!!!
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    IMO, the "best" mosfet is one that is simple. Your basic run-of-the-mill 3034 unit will do just fine in virtually any application. They are easy to come by, cheap and quick to install.

    As for other fets, avoid anything that is "plug and play". The Burst Avocado units come to mind here. They dont offer trigger protection and dont like high voltages or amp loads.

    Perun, Jefftron, GATE and to some extent BTC are makes that offer good products. While I dont have first-hand experience with Perun of Jefftron, I'll give what I know about them.


    On the surface, they seem to be decent units. Prices seems affordable and the price:performance ratio appears good.


    Some units can be hit and miss. Thier CS is pretty good about taking care of things though. Thier Leviathan is a knockoff of the BTC Spectre Mk2. It performs well for what it is, but shares the Spectre's flaws. If you cant find a Spectre, and dont want an optical unit, this is a solid choice.


    Having used a few of the Titan models I can say its a good unit. Its robust enough to handle extreme setups and its fairly easy to install and get going. Price is expensive for what it is IMO.

    Im not a huge fan of the programming method. Although it is intuitive and user- friendly, I would much prefer wireless means of tuning.

    The Aster was released as competitor to Perun's units. It seems promising, however to my knowledge they have been plauged with firmware and software issues as of late which is causing major headaches for users.


    Excellent units. Ok(ish) customer service.
    I have used thier units since 2013.

    Chimera Mk2:

    Easy to install. Can be finicky with exterior unit when wiring comes loose. Data cables can get in the way and are easily damaged. Selector microswitches can be easily damaged. Very solid unit otherwise that capable handling the most extreme setups. Trigger pull programming, while a archaic by today's standards works well and can be done anywhere on the fly with no tools or devices. Nice 3-year factory warranty. Have sent a few in over the years and was never questioned about warranty or repairs.

    Chimers Mk3

    Identical to the Mk2 unit, but beefier construction and higher performance capabilities. Offers Bluetooth programming much like the Mk2 Spectre. Shares all faults of the Mk2 unit. Also comes in non-BT.

    Spectre Mk1

    Released to replace the Chimera units. This is an AIO (all in one) unit. Its just as capable as the Chimera but in a smaller form factor. Shares the same fault with the fragile selector microswitches. Programming is the same as the Chimera Mk2. I currently have a Mk1 unit that is still going strong after almost 8 years of hard use. Has same factory warranty as other BTC units.

    Spectre Mk2

    Improvement on the Mk1. Beefier construction and higher performance capabilites than the Mk1. Offers Bluetooth option for wireless programming, yet retains trigger pull prigramming if Bluetooth is not available. Also comes in a non-BT version that is a tad cheaper. BT app is very user friendly and provides programming and performance readings in real- time.

    Spectre Mk3

    Developed to be competitor to GATE's Titan unit. Similar performance specs to the Mk2 unit. Supposedly has Bluetooth programming option, as well as hosts of other features. Was due to be released Q1-Q2 2020. However given the current global circumstances this appears to have been delayed, perhaps indefinitely. Time will tell for this one.
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    Perun is amazing. they do not like 7.4's tho. I run the G&G ETU replacement version so i dont have the optical, but i works amazing. I may look into the optical in a future build, but rn i havent seen the need to upgrade.

    Ive heard some problems with Titans, but i do not know if that was Titans Fault or the tech that installed it fault.

    BTC. almost bought one. still wanna buy one, but its rare i find them in my price range(under 100)
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    I've worked with several Gate Titans and am in the process of working on a gun with an Aster (basic edition software), and I have a Jefftron Leviathan in my 12:1 SSG high speed build.
    +1 on danerd's description of the titan programming software (Gate control station). It is friendly to someone who doesn't quite know everything about proper AEG drivetrain tuning due to its automatic modes for things like pre-cocking and active braking, but less friendly towards more informed users as it makes fine-tuning a little less obvious about what is being changed.
    The leviathan software is pretty great. I have a small issue with losing the bluetooth connection to my phone periodically, but it hasn't been detrimental by any means. I'm able to make changes reliably and it's hardly been a concern.
    In terms of physical hardware, I have to say I prefer the titan in many regards. Optical sensors (versus the mechanical microswitches used on the leviathan) are theoretically more reliable. There are reports of people needing to replace those switches on the leviathan, particularly the sector gear sensor switch, which is not a simple task without some good soldering experience and understanding and the proper soldering iron. This issue is less prevalent in the newer leviathan models. I know for sure that the more durable switches are on my version 1.2 Leviathan V2, denoted in the gold text on the board. So be sure to confirm this is the version you are getting when purchasing if you decide to go with a leviathan.
    The Leviathan is being sold for right around $100 on Evike atm, which is enough to go for it over a Titan. MSRP is about the same as Titan.
    There can be some finicky issues with optical sensors however, since they rely on light. If too much ambient light is entering the sensor, it will not read properly. Just be sure to test and diagnose these issues before going out to play. If it works reliably for you in testing, there shouldn't be any issues on the field. I've had 3 different Gate-equipped guns on my desk that would not fire when the mag was out due to the extra light coming in through the magwell. The gun I'm currently working on with the aster has some issues with the selector sensors. It will not enter semi from safe, you have to flip past semi, into full auto, and back to semi. I'm doing some tests with this. My current hypothesis is that the metal sleeve on the selector plate is reflecting light to cause this issue. I will post an update after doing more testing. Going to remove the metal sleeve. It slips right off and back on -- no permanent modifcation required.
    In short: if you're looking for simplicity and don't need full customization of every possible setting, the aster is a decent option as you can also buy an update to the software later on if you decide you want more customization, but it does lack a good bit of the fine tune-ability available with the Titan or Leviathan. Most issues with optical based trigger unit MOSFETs come from user/installation error or ambient light.
    I cannot speak on the Perun optical unfortunately. I plan to get one eventually, but they are harder to come across in the US. It seems like a great contender to the Aster.
    If you just want to be able to use Lipo batteries without frying your trigger contacts and get a little quicker electrical response and efficiency from your AEG, then there's no reason to spend much. Get a drop in hulk-fet or similar basic mosfet unit that comes with a full wire harness for relatively cheap and go play. If you have some soldering skill, I have used the Gate Pico SSR3 and the SparkLabs Microfet. I'm sure many other similar products exist. There is a user on this forum that makes his own 3034 based MOSFETs. He calls them the BobaFET and JangoFET. All of these basic MOSFETS will perform nearly the same and are great additions to any standard AEG that doesn't already have a MOSFET, or has a crummy one, like what comes in the G&G ARP9 and some other G&Gs. Those MOSFETs are utter garbage. Humid summer days easily cause those units to be intermittently unresponsive. I've also heard the VFC Avalon MOSFETS can't handle much abuse once you step into higher stress builds (higher amp draw), but at that point its already advisable to consider a tunable MOSFET unit for other reasons.
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    @wetpee I make the Bobba and Jango FETs ;)
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    I just got the BlueTooth module for the Gate Titan. It makes it much easier for tuning. I have 2 Titans as of now. No problems yet. Almost got the aster, but all I saw was people having problems with it. The Perun is less money and seems nice, but I'm not a fan of doing adjustments with the selector and trigger. I mean the Perun is what 90$ or something? The Gate Titan is 140$ if you are worried about 50 bucks, you are in the wrong sport.
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    140 unless you buy from a field. the titan i bought 2 weeks ago was $180
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  9. wetpee

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    Update to my comments on the Aster V2:
    I found that this Krytac's fire selector switch and the piece its keyed into had been rounded out. Likely due to someone forcing the gearbox into the body without making sure the selector components were lined up. The new selector is on its way so I will update my thoughts on the Aster once I have that replaced and get back to tuning.
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    New selector fixed it and everything is working reliably. The Aster is good and has additional features available through a software upgrade, however it still holds some hardware related limitations versus the Titan and Leviathan; namely, the sector gear sensor. The trigger sensor is not as sensitive as that of the Titan so it has limitations in its tune-ability, but I believe you could come close to hair trigger reliably. The trigger pull I've set up on this one is a solid improvement.
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    Thanks! Helps a lot! I've been looking for an optical fet to make things easier but I don't want to drop $140 on a titan.