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What parts should I replace in my gearbox?

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I have a Krytac SPR mk2 and want to install new internals to make the trigger response instant or as close to instant as physically possible. My friend suggested replacing the piston with a swiss cheese piston and getting 12.1 gears with a 28 tpa motor but I don't know enough about teching to know if that is truly the best.
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The SuperCore is extremely durable though. The Magic Box is good, it's the same as the Action Army POM. @Guges Mk3 likes them.
Guges told me about them awhile back. I did some research on them and what not, and they apparently are very well made durable pistons.
I haven't been on Airsoft Teching Q&A much but have many people been successful in using FMR pistons with high power builds?
I know some but what are the reasons you dislike the Lonex Red?
More than have been successful with half rack pistons lol. And obviously a DSG isn't a fair fight, as the half rack would be no better than a stock poly-toothed piston.

Weight, fitment/size, tooth design, recessed rack, longevity, cost. Not sure what's going through the heads of the few techs that swear by then tbh.

What was the point then?
They showed two piston bodies. They weren't the same size. I don't give a crap about the standard length one.
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I have SuperCores (Japanese) and a couple of MagicBox POM still...
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