What Pistols should i get?

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by The_Boss, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. The_Boss

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    Hello, I am new to airsoftsociety.
    I know pretty much of airsoft and i own M4A1, USP, L96, K1.
    And i am trying to decide whether i should get "Kwa M1911 Mark 1"
    or other pistols from "strikeforcesports.net"
    I really want to buy it from there because the local shop is close to us..
    i want it to be under 200.00 and able to use Propane gas.
    I wish you can get a good deal for silicone oil and propane adopter.
    Last question..
    can i use propane in m1911?
    someone says to not and someone says its ok if i do lubrication.
    even i dont know how to lubricate the gun... this is my first GBB.
  2. Shady

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    Yes you can use propane in a 1911, you use te silicone oil to lube it. I would look at a Tokyo Marui. They are right in the edge of your budget, but vastly better than KWA.

  3. kevincull

    kevincull New Member

    Yeah get the marui they are great. I haven't looked at the marui pistols but they have good reviews. And propane works if you put silicone in the adapter. Go on YouTube and look for a vid.
  4. beanmaster50

    beanmaster50 New Member

    Once you use a Tokyo Marui you will never go back.
  5. Archer627

    Archer627 Active Member

    I did. :rollseyes: OP, like others said, get a TM pistol. Their P226 is my favorite, and stay away from the M9. It has a terrible design.