What scope should I buy for my gun?

Discussion in 'Spring Powered Guns' started by surdnalsacul03, Jan 17, 2016.

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    I have a sniper rifle but I don't have a scope for it. I need help to find out what scope would be the best for me to use.
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    The thing about optics is that they all tend to come down to personal preference. ie I like a 2x optic on my bolt-action weapons, where as another may prefer a 4x optic. In the end we're both comfortable with the gun an optics, but we have our own preference for optics.

    That being said, grab something between 2x and 5x as you don't need anything more powerful for airsoft and invest in the style you like.

    As a disclaimer, please note, if you purchased this gun off the shelf, adding a scope/optic will not make it some BA crazy accurate long ranged airsoft weapon. It'll be the same old gun with an optic. IF you're looking to achieve more range/accuracy you'd need to open the gun and upgrade select components of the gun.

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