What should I do to my gun?

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    Ok so I might do the deal thing with my friend, idk yet. But what should I do, my hop wheel only moves if I have a tool. This started after I got a tightbore barrel. What could have happened? JG, KWA, and Echo1 mags don't fit or they misfeed. What should I do with my gun?

    KWA- Don't fit
    Echo1- Don't fit
    JG- Misfeed
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    You've gotta give us a bit more info.
    What brand and type gun is it?
    Is the hop-up stuck against something or is it just stiff?

    There is a small screw on the hop-up wheel, and it could be too tight, so try loosening it to see if that helps. Also check to see if the wheel is rubbing against another part of the gun.

  3. RyantheChimp

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    Oh I've talked about my gun so much lately forgot to say which one. VFC 416 CQB new version. Stiff, wont move unless I got a tool. More info please.
  4. 703

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    He gave you suggestions maybe try one of them ;)

    Check to make sure everything is installed correctly. Sometimes it's best to take it apart and put it back together. As far as why the mags wont fit, some guns are just picky and don't like certain mags. Like a vegatarian...

    If they are too loose put velcro in your magwell. Also make sure your hop-up is lined up correctly in the gun itself.
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    I guess you could take a look at your bucking or nub. if you kinda just jammed the tightbore in there it couldve bunched up the bucking around the tip of your barrel, which could explain the jamming. I'd take a look at those before anything else. As said before me, take everything thing apart and put it back together^^
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    But my friends VFC 416 takes mags that mine won't