What should i do to start a airsoft clan, team thing? Please help!!!!

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    Was wondering what I should do to start a airsoft team?
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    I mean get a lot friends

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    create a name, Ask people if they want to join. Pretty simple...
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    I will start out by stating this is not my post but Cpl McCaughey from MAASF.com

    1.The Airsofting Essentials. These are the things that are a MUST when it comes to starting an active airsoft team that is going to be playing in legitimate airsoft event.

    a. Eye Protection- Make sure that everyone has a pair of FULL SEAL goggles. If you team is consisted of minor (under 18) they MUST have a paintball style mask. No shooters or mesh, just don’t even do it. If you wanna step out of the backyard your gonna have to get full seal goggle to step on any field in the Northeast. NO SKI GOGGLES!

    b. Boots- Make sure everyone has a solid pair of Boots with good ankle support. I don’t care how fresh your Jordan’s are or how good you can ball up in Uggs, they are not fit for airsoft. The Northeast, and most airsoft field, offers a variety of difficult terrain that isn’t suitable to be maneuvered in anything less than a good pair of boots with ankle support.

    c. Gun. As always, this is kinda essential. This is under the category of “Discuss with your Team” The type of guns that are gonna be deployed by your team is gonna be affected by the budget of the team and its members. I do, however, choose guns that have mag compatibility so you can exchange mags with your teammates while in game. As always, it’s gonna be suggested that everyone on the team has AT LEAST an AEG. It’s just the most practical way to get into airsoft as well as starting a team. However, make sure said AEG is shooting BELOW 400 FPS. General rule of thumb if you want to use your gun at a field in the Northeast. 400 FPS is a limit, not a goal. Remember, Pistols, Specialty Weapons, etc. are not priority weapons, your primary weapon should be your top priority! Everyone is different, your not always gonna have everyone that is gonna want to run M-series mag compatible guns. Don’t let that get in the way…

    d. Barrel Bags and Red Rags. Always have couple on hand for when you attend an event. Make it apart of your kit list to include an extra red rag/barrel bag for a teammate or simply for someone that doesn’t have/misplaced there

    2.Your team and yourself. One of the hardest parts of creating an airsoft team is finding the right people that have similar thoughts and aspirations towards airsoft as your do. Remember, everyone is different. When it come to finding members for your team, talk to your friends, talk to people at airsoft events, and talk to members of your airsoft community! If you’re a teamless person who is interested in starting a new team here’s a bit of advice, go to an event and run with other teamless people and make friends. If everything works out and everyone had a good time, a team could come out of it! Finding the right group of people to play airsoft together is one of the hardest, if not the hardest, component of creating and commanding an airsoft team. Remember that there is gonna be many times where the majority disagree but don’t give it up there, make compromises so that all or most are pleased. This is gonna become important when it come to setting up the team’s basics and establishing leadership.

    3.Friendship. Never let airsoft come between you and your friends. If you choose to start a team with friends, or become close friends with people that you have recruited to be on your team, don’t let airsoft kill your friendship. Take this advice from someone who has made the mistake various times. We’re all out here to have fun, let’s keep it at that! The moral of this story is to include your team as much as possible in everything you do. Everyone brings a unique skill to the game in some way, shape or form, use that to your advantage!

    4.Team Name. Now that you’re found the right group of friends or teammates you wanna start a team with, start thinking of a team name. Be creative! Try not to take the name of an airsoft team that has gained recognition within the community already. Also, stay clear of team names that reference the Military (Ik I’m one to talk). The reason behind this is because you don’t want to degrade the honor, valor, and prestige that come with certain titles within the Military. If you do choose something Military-related, make sure you have a good explanation to why you are using said name because the community is generally gonna be curious. Stay away from stealing a copyrighted corporate name unless you have specific permission to use said title. Make sure you do a fair amount of research before you come up with a good team name.

    5.Uniformity. This refers to the way you are gonna look as a team as well as how you are gonna present yourself.

    a. Now let’s break down the key word here: “Uniform”. Get your team together and discuss ideas for possible camo pattern that everyone can agree upon to make your official Team uniform. You must also have to take into consideration the general budget that your teammates and yourself, actually has. A simple pair of Woodland (BDU) or Desert Combat Uniforms (DCU) are great and cheap uniforms to start a new team off on. The reason behind this being that they are relatively cheap and can be picked up at most surplus stores in New England. There is always the possibility to expand out of this spectrum as your team grows and develops. Throw some name tapes with your team name on them and your all set!

    6.Leadership. This is gonna be a HUGE factor when it come to how your airsoft team is gonna be run. You want to make sure that you have the right people that are gonna be responsible to handle with the heavier burden that come with being an officer of a certain team. I believe I have the correct credentials to start doling out some advice for this field. The key components of leadership include responsibility, respect, and trust. These are the key concepts behind being a good leader regardless of your age, experience, gender, etc… When it comes to choosing a leader or electing a leader, these are the traits you are gonna want to look for.

    Being a leader come with a VERY large responsibility. Here’s my advice. Never underestimate your enemy. Never underestimate the potential of your team, trust me, they can really impress you in ways you didn’t realize. Put your men before yourself, be selfless. These are the ways that you are gonna earn the respect and trust of your comrades.

    This also goes out to all fellow teammates. You’re not gonna win them all. Don’t whine or complain if you lose or are stuck on the “crappy” team. You have to make the best of the situation and start formulating ideas to make it fun for not only yourself, but your team as well. Just because the other team may be stacked doesn’t always mean it’s the end of the world, most the time its quality of the operators more than it is the quantities of the operators.

    Learn from those around you. Learn from the Leaders of a certain operation you go to. This is a big thing! A key part of leadership is learning, not much can be taught. Experience is key, when you go to games, watch, look, and listen. Later go back in your head and pick apart the aspects of a firefight you may have been engaged in. Learn from that experience. Join this with some general knowledge of the general tactics and dynamics that are used in the military as well as airsoft and you’ll shape up to be an excellent leader! Being a leader is no easy responsibility…

    7.Communication. This is crucial both on and off the field.

    a. Radios. These are a huge component of airsoft. These can go either way on the list of requirements for a team to thrive. My suggestion is to learn that basics of squad tactics and inter-squad communication before you introduce radios into you team. Once your team has the basics down, choose a frequency spectrum. Most likely, FRS is gonna be your best choice for a newer team. FRS is your simple walkie-talkies. Communication on the battlefield is key but knowing the basic inter-squad communication is more important because technology can always fail. Just like uniforms, as you grow and develop as a team you can expand your spectrum to more advance options… Also, learn proper radio etiquette to advance your communication knowledge

    b. Inter-squad. The most basic way to communicate with your squad/team. Whether it is by work of mouth or hand signals, try to get some basics down for in-game use and well as any emergency situation where technology could fail you.

    8.Public Relations. This includes recruiting, creating a website, forum etiquette, and event attendance.

    a. Recruiting. Please don’t try to recruit people for your team on the internet. 90% of the time it doesn’t work out. Go to games and start rolling with people to make an impression. If people are interested in your level of play and dedication they’re definitely gonna be interested. Your gonna want them to try to come looking for you…Moral of the story, the more game you go to and the more you get the word out about your team, the more people are gonna start recognizing you and spark a general interest. Our community is perfect for such recognition.

    b. Airsoft Team Websites. Just another fun way to get the word out about your team. Start basic with a free website server and go advanced from there. The purpose of your website should to be to promote a positive image of your team as well as try to get people interested! Stay clear of anything that could be considered inappropriate, offensive, or dangerous. Remember, you want to show how professional your team is… Here's your explain: www.northattleboroairborne.org

    c. Forums. Use them as resource tools. There a GREAT way to spread the word about you team. Have all your members join up and learn from the wealth of knowledge that a forum and its members can bring! Steer away anything that is gonna promote a negative image on yourself and your team…
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    d. Events. Get out there and start having some fun! That what you’re out there to do, have a great time with great people and friends. Make the best of it. Don’t be shy, make friends and get your word out. Make an impression! Please, please if you do something badass and bring recognition to yourself, it’s the best way to promote your image as well as the image of your team. Go to some training events too! Practice always make perfect.

    CPL’s Advise:

    1. Age. It was huge for me! I start my own team in late 2007 at age 13; when I was 15 I joined MAASF and introduced them to NAA. Which, let just say, wasn’t well received to say the least. But you know I held up my head up and took the advice of my community and put it towards bettering myself and my team. Don’t let age get in your way or discourage you from starting a team. At age 16 I attended my first National and now I continue to run my now successful Milsim airsoft team at age 17. If I can do it, you can too!

    2. Stay Tough. As you start to grow things are gonna start to get tougher. Friends are gonna come and go as you start to advance beyond the level of play of other and better as a team in the future! Also take into consideration that real life often interferes with airsoft, you have to come to grips with reality that not everyone is gonna be able to make every requirements right away, attend every game, or every practice. Learn how to make compromises that everyone is pleased with and continue to grow and increase your level of play as a team. There is always opportunity to better yourself and your team in airsoft…

    3. Don’t be shy. Please, if you’re attending an event and you wanna meet my team or yours truly, or anyone on MAASF, don’t be shy. Everyone is gonna be accepting and is bound to help you out! If you see me at an event, come up to me and introduce yourself. The more social you are within the community the better chance you have of getting yourself and your team recognized!

    4. Be Respectful! Don’t cheat and always congratulate your enemies for putting up a good fight, regardless of what the end results are. Respect the airsoft vets that have came before you and make sure to learn from them!

    5. HAVE FUN! That’s what we’re all here for…
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    CPL’s Guide to Getting Your Team Off It’s Feet

    This is a Part 2/Continuation of my Team Creation Guide. This is gonna be full of suggestions and helpful tips to really getting your team off their feet and becoming a known team among the community.

    So let’s get on with it…

    So, now that you have a decided that you wanted to take on the challenge of running/creating your own team it time to go one step further. Make sure that have achieve the basics and all the elements that I included in my first guide to Team Creation. If you are missing any of those key elements, make you get them squared away so you aren’t leaving your team/team member in the dust.

    1. You are NOT Delta Force. Now this is a trend that I have seen start to pop up in some of the newer team’s being created. AVOID creating a team that is “specialized” to a specific aspect of airsoft. This means that you don’t want to have your team to be coined a “Only CQB/Woodland/Recon/etc.” styled team.

    You want to make sure that your team is well-versed and rounded team when it come to challenging yourself to all the aspects that are present in airsoft. All you need is a hand full of Riflemen and Command element to get your team off it’s feet. Do NOT worry about having a Sniper/Grenadier/etc or any Specialied Roles until your team starts to grow.

    Also, keep it realistic. Make sure that if you implicate special tactics/training within your team that they are at least logistical and relevant for airsoft purposes. There is no need for an amphibious element for an airsoft team…

    Teams that are deemed to “Specialize” in any aspect of airsoft are bound to fail early or to not be able to get off their feet for obvious reasons.

    2. Keep it Small. Now I know that everyone want 20 people on there airsoft team to make the BEST SOFTAIR TEAM EVAR. Lemme start by saying” Lay off the Crack Pipe”.

    When you start your team, keep it small. Start off with a 5 man team. 5 is the prefect number to start off your team. 5-7 operators is standard military unit Fireteam size. Start off with having a Fireteam Leader and focus on working with sets of 2-3 Battle Buddies. This is the prefect way to teach the basics and develop the right mindset when it comes to needing to operate with Squad tactics.

    The more you get out on the field the more interest people are gonna have for your team. Spark some general interest and be ”That Guy” and have your team name affiliated with you and you are bound to get noticed.

    With time and recognition, your numbers will grow if you are doing it right…

    3. Deployments. The first thing is your team’s deployment to Operations. Now that you have made a name for yourself on the forums, you have to get your name out on the field. You do not want your team to be associated with the one’s that are “Glorified Chairsofters” The best way to make a lasting impression is to do it on the field.

    If you are a young team, I suggest starting at a local level to practice the basics. Find a place locally that your team can practice every weekend and broaden their skills and tactics.

    When it comes to Operations, attend those that you are capable of attending. Try your best to try to get everyone on board to attend. Almost 92.4 % of the time, not all of your operators are gonna be able to attend. Don’t be discouraged by this because real life matters often interfere with airsoft on a regular basis.

    As your team grows and develops (hopefully in a positive direction) you are gonna want to get your team name as far out as possible. The best way to do so is to attend Operations at a Regional level rather than a local level. Instead of consistently visiting the field closest to you, be adventurous and attend an event in a different state. When you get home from such events, join that state/region’s airsoft forum and post up an AAR to get your team name out there!

    4. Training/Practice. They always say that practice makes perfect. As I have stated previously you are gonna want to find a local place to practice on a regular basis as well as to AVOID specializing on particular elements of airsoft. When you go to Operations, learn from your mistakes, learn from those who have done it before, and take note from those who” do it right”.

    You want to be a well-versed team that is gonna be able to tackle ANY challenge that your team is gonna be faced with in ANY environment that you could be placed in. Experience and training is gonna be the key to keep your team heading in the right direction.

    Aside from learning and sharing your experiences with your team, another way you can better yourself if to Read. The internet is a great tool for this. Read AAR’S, Military Guide’s/Journal’s, browse various training video’s, etc. Be open to all forms of media and take adventage of it to better yourself and your team.

    When a training event arise, attend them! This is the prefect opportunity to learn from those who have been there and done that or have pervious Military experience. The more you challenge yourself and your team the faster you will grow and become a killing force to be reckoned with!

    This is what you should need to create a successful team! Make sure that you have reviewed my entire Team Guide and get out there to the field. I hope this helps all the new teams, team leaders, and anyone wishing to better or create their own team! If anyone has any questions, feel free to PM me or email me at [email protected].

    You like what you see? Well, my team North Attleboro Airborne is now recruiting! Check us out at NorthAttleboroAirborne.org as well as "Like" us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/North-Attleboro-Airborne/204329432941700

    Thanks everyone, That is all!

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    That is what I based my team off and I know 2 other teams taht are also full running using that as a basis
    Hope that helped
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