What should you bring to an airsoft war?

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  1. Caromeo24

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    I need examples of items that are required to have(or could help you out)in an airsoft war.Any suggestions are helpful.:)
  2. Courage

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    By Cyclopso

    What to bring?
    -A gun
    -Eye and Face Protection
    -Cleaning Materials/Tools
    -Gun case/box
    -Bag/Lockbox with lock
    -First Aid
    -Money and a Cellphone

    To get through your first day of playing you are going to need a few things if you want to be prepared. I will make this a list to make it easier on the eyes.

    -What you are going to need first is a gun to play with. If you don’t have this it obviously makes it so you can’t play. Make sure your gun is in working order before you go out to the field or you will end up being pretty ticked when your gun doesn’t work at the field. One way to remedy this would be to have a backup gun with you but that probably won’t be the case for your first game.

    -The next thing will be to bring a battery. Without this your gun can’t operate. If you have the money make sure you buy a quality battery and a smart charger before you play because the battery included with your gun is going to suck. It also wouldn’t hurt to have 2 batteries just in case your main one breaks or dies during the day.

    -Next you are going to need some BB. Since people have different habits of shooting you probably would be fine with bringing a bag of 5,000 which actually should be more than enough. I can’t stress this enough but BUY QUALITY BBs. I have heard plenty of stories of people breaking their guns because they used crappy BBs. Since most new players are on a budget, a cheap but good brand would be TSD competition grade BBs. If you want to pay more some other good brands are Goldenball, G&G, King Arms, and Airsoft Elite. DO NOT buy .12 BBs they WILL break your gun eventually as almost all of them suck except TM. Another thing to mention is do not buy Matrix BBs. Sure they say they are precision BBs and they are cheap but you WILL regret it in the long run. I made that mistake myself and I have to say I had a very noticeable performance increase when I used some G&G BBs.

    -Now with the BBs and gun you will need some magazines. You will probably be fine with the high-cap that comes with your gun but you run the risk of running out of ammo mid-game. This can be solved by buying another high-cap or two, or buying a box of mid-caps and a speed loader. Personally I prefer mid-caps but that will not be the case for everyone. If you do get mid-caps you’ll need something to carry them in. There will be more on that later.

    -One of the most important things you will need for your first game is some eye/face protection. Since getting shot in the face hurts, you probably do not want to risk it on your first game. A good choice would be a paintball mask with thermal lenses. They can usually be found at local paintball places for pretty cheap ($30). Another option would be FULL SEAL goggles with something like a mesh half-face mask or shemagh. Since most cheap goggles fog pretty bad you should look for a pair of ESS goggles on ebay. These usually go for pretty cheap used.

    -Another thing you will probably want is some BDUs. These can be found at surplus store for pretty cheap so price is not usually a problem. If you don’t want any or don’t have the money then wearing something such as a black shirt and jeans or cargo pants will do just fine. If you are in colder weather make sure you bring enough clothing to stay warmer. Always bring extra socks and clothing incase the field is wet. Getting wet and not having extra clothing could cause you to get hypothermia if you don’t dry off.

    -Getting shot in the hand usually hurts so you probably will want some gloves. You will want gloves with some sort of grip so you don’t drop anything. A good brand would be Mechanixs gloves that can be found at Walmart for $20. If you don’t want to spend any money work gloves will do the job.

    -Boots or some good shoes are a must when playing. Not having proper footwear can cause you to get blisters or injure yourself. Anything with good support and traction should work. If you can afford them, waterproof combat or hiking boots would be a good choice. Make sure to break them in properly.

    -For your first game if you are running high-caps this is not really a necessity but a vest or chest would be helpful for carrying things around. If you can afford it, investing in a MOLLE platform would be worth the extra money. Since this will be your first game you don’t want to put too much money into it if you don’t know if you like airsoft. Something like the link below should do the trick giving you adequate storage space while staying light and cheap.
    Evike.com Airsoft Guns - Tac. Gear/Apparel | Evike.com Airsoft Guns - Chest Rigs & Harness | Evike.com Airsoft Guns - Condor Tactical Seven Pocket Chest Rig - Desert Tan |

    -Since the stuff you bring to airsoft games have some value to them, it would be a good idea to keep them in a lock box or case that can have a pad lock on it. If you can't afford one a duffle bag or toolbox with a padlock on it will work.

    -When going to and from the game make sure to have all guns in a gun case or box. The box that your gun comes in will work. Mark sure not to take your gun out until you are at the field.

    -Since your stuff can get dirty or break during the day it would be a good idea to bring some basic cleaning supplies and tools. Here's a list with some things recommended by Adman.
    -Paper Towel
    -Silicone Oil
    -Cleaning Rod
    -Hex Keys
    -Multi-tool or Pocket Knife if your field allows it
    -Spare parts if you have them just in case your gun breaks

    -Since most games last most of the day you will NEED to bring food and water. I have learned the hard way that getting dehydrated is not fun. Being hungry all the time is not fun either. You can never have enough water. If you have extra space in your pouches or pockets put some water and something like a granola bar in it so you can stay hydrated and fight off hunger. Also bring Gatorade if you can so you can replenish vital vitamins and minerals.

    -Lastly, make sure you bring some cash in case you need to buy food or some BBs. Sometimes someone will be selling something and it wouldn’t hurt to bring the extra cash if you want to buy it. Another thing you should bring is a cell phone if you have one in case of an emergency or if you need to call to get a ride home.

    If you do all of these things you should have no problem having a great time at your first game. Remember to always play safely and follow the rules. Also, make sure to follow all local laws also. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.


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    There is at least one thread about this that you can look at, but anyway. Water, lots of this, dehydration is a soldier's worst enemy.
    Food, healthy. Amo, lots of extra. Gun, all you can bring in case somebody's breaks. Battery, all you can. Tech kit, if you have it and know how to use it. Eye protection, good stuff that will hold up, bring all you can. Magazines, all you can.
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    Ann Arbor
  5. Dooby

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    Yes yes! Plenty of water! I always bring like 3x more water then I actually need cuz you will never know if you might need it or a buddy forgot his or something. I was at a game once and before one of the rounds had started a guy was leaning up against a pull and just fell flat on his face from dehydration, heat stroke, and some other thing he had. We picked him up and put him in a chair and gave him water and he recovered but not well enough to play.
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