What to bring for a 24 hour milsim?

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    I know you're most likely going to need lots of food and water, sleeping bag, tent, weapons and gear. But exatly how much will one need and of what. Is a 5,000 bb bag enough; how many batteries will you need, NiMh for example. And should I bring the kitchen sink too.

    Just kidding about the last one, but I would like to know what to take and how much.
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    Bring a case of water and find somewhere shady near your respawn/base/whatever to store it. Even better, get a bunch of people on the team to go in for a bunch of cases and make it a communal thing. Buy more than you think you'll need. If it's hot, you'll need it.

    5000 rounds would be more than enough for me, but for some it might not be. I go through less than 1000 rounds in a long day with a lot of targets. How about you? Extrapolate from that. Batteries are similar. I could survive 24 hours on one battery in most cases, but I'd like a second just in case. If you're heavy on the trigger, bring a third and bring a DC charger (your teammates will love you). I can't imagine anybody going through more than a can of propane if they're just using a gas pistol, so I'd bring a full one but I wouldn't tote extras onto the field.

    A change of camo if you have it, a change of socks for sure, a back up set of goggles is great when you've smeared your first set all to hell.

    Most importantly, you need a bright weapon light and a bright handheld light. LED is great for both. In the dark you'll be fumbling your way around like crazy. You don't want to keep either on for more than a flash or too, but at some point both are going to be very useful.

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    What do you usually take for meals, like breakfast, lunch and dinner? I honestly have a hard time eating big meals while my adrenaline is still going.
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    I just got back from Fulda Gap. 2 day event that was truly awesome. Over 1,000 attended.

    Anyway....breakfast, 3 eggs with grated cheese, ham, and steak fries. Cook it all up and wrap in a tortilla. Very good and filling while not make you feel "stuffed". I carry a full 100oz Camelback with their hydration tablets mixed in. I just add 2-3 for flavor. They are like Gatoraid but without all the sugar. They are also safe for your carrier. I will also have a couple Cliff bars with me. These are great for keeping you going and keeping you on the field. Dinner was hot dogs cooked over fire. Also had chips and banana. I also ended up have a PB&J. No candy or soda. Since I am a bit older, Motrin was also taken in the morning and again at night before bed.

    Extra t-shirt roll for each day. Roll consists of shirt, sock, underwear. Change out of the sweaty stuff before racking out.

    Don't forget your toothbrush. 2 day old yuck-mouth is just gross.

    Gloves. Saves the hands from annoying cuts and scrapes and helps you get a better grip on whatever you are grabbing.

    Extra batteries for everything that needs them.

    Zip-lock bags. Keeps wallet, maps, paper, gum, mint candy, etc. from getting nasty. for the map, squeeze out all the air and you can write on the plastic. Use permanent map pens and an alcohol pen to erase.

    I would mark all your mags so that you know which ones are yours. A tan p-mag, is a tan p-mag.

    Hope this helps. Have a great time.
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    Everything depends on how you play. I'm often a spotter/recon, but this is what I tend to bring.

    Obviously the gun and mags
    I bring 3 extra batteries. Really only needed 2 and that was a heavy firefight filled game
    Bag of ammo (taped tightly close to prevent rattleing)
    speed loader
    Spare magazines (in my backpack)
    Extra camelback
    Snacks - MREs are superb. Small, carb-packed, easy to carry/eat.
    Spare radio
    Small med kit (With asprin)
    I bring a snake bite kit because I'm often on the ground
    spare eye-pro
    Zip lock bags are great
    whistle - in case there's danger or you get lost
    sunscreen and bug spray/repellent (often forgotten)
    2 hi-caps in case a fun-free-for-all breaks out

    I tend to avoid snacks/foods such as: Chips - the bag ruffles, nuts (easy to choke on), fruit (most bruise and create messed), chicken (greasy). Sandwiches are great, but I avoid PB&J, I've almost choked a few times.
  6. Dante

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    things not airsoft specific i'd bring

    granola/nutra grain bars for breakfast and snacks.
    2-3 gallon spare gas can for water (preferably purchased new and never having been used to hold gas)
    camelback prefilled
    mess tin and little bunson burner w/ ravioli or some sort of canned soup for lunch and dinner
  7. KDAalternative

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    I usually bring this:

    -Granola bars (great for quick protein and energy)
    -Gun and 3 extra mags (L96 Sniper)
    -500 can bbs (for sniper) 2000 can bbs (secondary sub machine gun and pistol)
    -First aid kit (aspirin,gauze,bandages,medical tape,rubbind alcohol, and scalpel)
    -red rags (dead rags)
    -whistle (incase you get lost or injured and cant move)
    -BRAVO Headset and backup walkie-talkie and cellphone
    -glow sticks and LED lights (with extra batteries)
    -Quick gun repair kit
    -and my BDUs and ghillie, boonie, gun cover, extra socks and underwear
    -roll of toilet paper (might need to go with no bathroom)

    And thats about it! And i attach it to my battle belt and put it in my backpack

    Of course I do sniping so I have a ghillie and BDUs