What to buy to make my m4 highspeed and reliable

Discussion in 'Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs' started by tacmonkey141, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. tacmonkey141

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    merced county
    I have a jg m4 and I'm starting to get back into airsoft more again , and I just want to know what to buy to upgrade and make my gun more highspeed and pretty reliable I have about an 150 dollar spending limit
  2. rfeliciano

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    I am fairly new, but I have been reading up on 6.01 tight bore barrels. They are like $30 or so and def make your shot groups more consistent and closer together. Airsoftgi.com has a great video on their site showing this.

  3. EDI1st

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    SHS/VS/Lonex 13:1 gear set
    SHS piston

    Probably cost you $30 max.