What to do if you get scammed

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    Hey all,

    I see too many threads on kids getting scammed. This is how to fix it:

    1. Contact the person

    Try to get in contact with them to find out if there are extenuating services. Maybe you aren't getting scammed. If they don't answer for over a week, avoid you, or tell you they scammed you, then proceed.

    2. File a dispute

    If using ebay, paypal, or another online payment service, file a claim with them. This has a good chance of fixing the issue. But if you payed another way or waited too long to file a claim, proceed

    3. Get information on the person

    Find anything you have of that person. Email, phone, cell, AIM, address. Mostly you need the address. You can use paypal to find their address, or if you traded you should have their address. Contact others who have traded or bought from them to try to get their address, THIS IS VITAL

    4. Contact their police

    Use google to find the phone number of THEIR local police department. Call the police, and tell them the following:

    -"This is not an emergency, I would like to speak with a detective"
    -Tell the detective the situation, give their address and any other information, and ask for their help
    -Be very polite, and a local police department should understand that you would like to get your money back, even if it is only about 20 dollars

    Most important part: contact the scammer now! With the threat of a police report, they will most likely comply with what you ask.

    5. Allow the police time to resolve the issue

    The detective will visit the person and ask them to contact you to resolve the issue, or have their parents get in contact. Remember to be respectful and reasonable to try to get your issue resolved. If for some reason the police are not helpful, or you still cannot resolve the issue, the keep going and try again. Otherwise,

    6. Sue them

    I'm not kidding. Small claims court is an option, and doing it without a lawyer is FREE. This should convince them to either settle out of court, or you will settle the issue in court. If you still did not resolve the issue,

    7. Nuke their house

    Just kidding. If you get to this point, then you didn't try hard enough. Try the police again, and explain the issue very clearly and they will be willing to help.

    I hope that this helps some people get their money back. It is working for me.

    (Mods, I think this might be in the wrong section. Please move accordingly, I suggest sticky as well)
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    Like the bottom part says, I suggest a sticky as well. This has been happening to a lot of people lately.

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    all in all, good points. but i'm pretty sure the police aren't going to get involved in such a small matter. they have much more to deal with. a police report will be created and that will probably be where it ends. if you live in a different area from the alleged scammer these chances become smaller.

    small claimcourtut is fine, but remember winning judgmentnt doesn't mean you will ever collect. again, if this involves different jurisdictions is it worth it to you to spend the time & money for a small claims case?

    the best way to not get scammed is only deal with people you know.
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    I was recently scammed, and the threat of police is what finally solved the issue. A detective was willing to work with me as well though. I am confident that if you want to get your money back, it is possible by following the above steps.
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    If you pay via Gift what are your options?
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    Just to throw in my 2c:

    I don't know how it works in other counties or cities, but in Sacramento, it's relatively easy to file a claim against any other party. This obviously only works if you have their address and contact info, proof of delivery and ownership of product and its condition. In my case, I could either go to the Sac County Small Claims Court just down town in person, go to the clerk and tell him/her (usually a 'her') and begin the process or I can do it all online on their website. I've helped my friend do this when a negligent neighbor let her dog out without a leash and it ended up killing my neighbor's 2 dogs.

    Thanks to the internet information regarding small claims process is easily enough to obtain.
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    Never pay as a gift unless its a gift. If you already did, then just try to contact the person, to get their address. Then keep going through the steps.
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    Every forum site should have a post like this stickied.
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    Pierce County
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    very good ideas:) every one should have a look
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    i also recommend recording all conversations too. evidence never hurt somebody
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    hey dude i dont think im recieving messages what do i do?
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    Never ever send money western union. Period! (unless they are family - then charge interest). If you need to meet the person, have someone go with you.
    I usually ask for additional photos prior and get a phone number to talk to them over the phone.
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    Where am I supposed to get my hands on a nuke?
    Jk, nice job

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    this happed to me I traded a guy that said he had a g&p m14 but when I got it it was some other brand idk what but luckly I shipped after and was able to get my guns back before it got the them. never ship first!!!!!!!! if I had I would be screwed
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    Number 7 sounds reasonable to me.
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    Ladies and gentlemen, I found one of the scammers Facebook. This is the guy with the M14, also the same guy 6mmCQB traded his MP7 for.


    I suggest you send him a message and threaten police involement. After all, his city is under his profile.

    Mods, for the record, I am not telling people to threaten, harass, intimidate, cripple, demolish, or vaporize this guy. I just wanted people to have additional contact. It's even the same city, and name as the Paypal. I can share proof if you want it.
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    To add a tid bit. If some one is selling for $100 (and its a great deal) send it and allow the fees to be taken out. If they complain then they are probably not someone to deal with. What I will do is pay and have the fees paid by them. If they argue just tell them. When you receive the item if it is the deal you were hoping to get, ill send them a % of the fees. If it isn't a lot I normally send the total amount. This allows you to be covered by PayPal and still allows them to receive the total amount they wanted. I have done this many times now for alot of my purchases.
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    Always make the other person ship with ups tracking. USPS tracking is horrible. With ups tracking you can see where the package is going and how much it weighs. That will give you a clue on whether or not you are getting whatever you ordered. USPS sucks and it gives you no idea where it's going or to check the weight.
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    My one tip is to have the other person use the 'request money' form via PayPal. If the person is refusing to use the request money form, then that person is trying to skip the seller fees, buyer protection policy, or both.