what to put on molle?

Discussion in 'General Accessory Discussion' started by willer2122, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. willer2122

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    First off, i'm almost positive that there's a thread for this already, i just cannot seem to get the search working.

    That said, what do most people put on a molle vest/plate carrier? I got this www.condoroutdoor.com/cpc_compact_platecarrier.aspx for 7 bucks and dont have many midcaps yet, so maybe a utility pouch or pistol holster?
  2. Purplestorm3

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    Most people just add pouches they need. If you need pistol pouches, you add pistol pouches. If you need m4 pouches you add m4 pouches.

    Side note* pistol pouches hold granola bars well.

  3. Sparky_D

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    The great thing about the MOLLE system is that it is so versatile.
    You can set it up practically any way you want with a large variety of pouches, bags, and panels.
  4. 1badweasel

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    Right now, I have a triple pouch that holds two magazine each, an administrative pouch for maps and papers, an accessories pouch for a dead band and a folding dump pouch.
  5. 703

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    For 7.00 you got a great deal.

    The great thing about molle is you can arrange the plate carrier to your liking.
    As for what pouches you should get thats up to you. Think about what you would like to carry and get the pouches to accomplish this. Everyone is different so everyones set-up wont be the same.
  6. Airborne_Ranger_

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    I never thought about putting granola bars into a pistol mag pouch. Great idea!
  7. CaptFysh

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    Another thing that I often do when I have extra MOLLE space is put extra junk on it. Not heavy stuff, just a D-ring with Electric tape, sharpies, chem lights, Flexi-cuffs, EMT shears, pencils, etc. It's not heavy, looks amazing, fills out molle, and is sometimes quite useful. Plus it costs next to nothing.
  8. xc0n

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    You can attach a shotgun holster to the back and carry that. I have done that before it works out pretty well. Just make sure you use a shot gun with out a stock and the has a handle. With the stock you profile yourself alot more and its more difficult to grab when pulling it out.