What's a good sniper rifle?

Discussion in 'Sniper Rifles' started by ISnipeUrFace, Sep 13, 2012.

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  1. ISnipeUrFace

    ISnipeUrFace New Member

    I'm starting Airsoft and I can't figure out a good sniper rifle. I prefer bolt action and want to pay about $80-$120. I'm thinking of getting an AGM MK96 (kinda like the L96). Please tell me a good sniper rifle.
  2. BlueReaper46

    BlueReaper46 Member

    Heres the thing, a sniper rifle out of the box has about the same range and accuracy as an AEG out of the box. So to make it better you will need to sink a decent amount of money into the right upgrades, A couple hundred dollars usually.

    Now with that said, if this is just for fun, or maybe you dont care if you may be disadvantaged, the Well MB01 is about $145 on airsoft GI. I know this goes over your budget but it is a decent upgrading platform if you ever decide to upgrade. for a little more money you could get the UTG MK96 for $170, another decent gun out of the box. Both i have mentioned are the full metal versions, and both are true Maruzen clones, meaning they have good compatibility with upgrade parts for the Maruzen.

    In spite of all that, if you really want that AGM then get it. I wont comment on its performance or anything like that as i have not researched or used it. but remember this:
    You always get what you pay for.

  3. stat226

    stat226 New Member

    Don't get a sniper rifle if it is your first gun. Plus a stock sniper rifle will not outperform the average AEG. Sniper rifles require hundreds of dollars of upgrades. So your $100 ish budget will not cut it. You can and I highly recommend if this is your first gun a JG AEG of some kind (don't get their AKs, for AKs get CYMA).
  4. ISnipeUrFace

    ISnipeUrFace New Member

    Well I'm a sniper & I only want to spend ~ $100 on the gun. What type of upgrades do I need? Oh and what's a good and cheapish secondary gun 4 a sniper?
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  5. EDI1st

    EDI1st New Member

    Fountain Valley
    Sniper and cheap don't mix, not even 1%.
  6. Shady

    Shady Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator Lifetime Supporter

    No you're not. You're new to the sport, you have no idea what you really are. There is no such thing as a cheap, good sniper rifle in airsoft. You get what you pay for. You go cheap, the gun is going to break. Now, for both of your questions, I would suggest you use the search button and do a little bit of your own research before expecting us to spoon feed you everything.

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