Whats in your Bag?

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  1. chineseairsofterss

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    So I finally got a backpack for my loadout. Its big, and has 3 main compartments. The only thing I have in there is my Bladder, BB's, and battery's. I dont really know what else to put in there. Can you guys give me like a list so I know what else to carry. Thanks

    P.S What about skirmishes, and what about Ops? What's different?
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  2. Snow

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    If it's just for skirmishes, then the only thing i would suggest is an unjamming rod. Besides that, you're ready to go:)

  3. chineseairsofterss

    chineseairsofterss New Member

    But I feel like carrying that big empty bag out onto the field is useless then.
  4. Joshpeck

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    Well I have extremely strong legs so I have no problem with weight ( I do a leg press of 400 lbs). In mine I carry a couple tools. An assortment of plyers, drivers, etc. I carry a bunch of thunder b shells, extra bbs, when my pistol did work I carried my gas, put my hydration carrier in the slot in there for it, I had my quick detach flashlight in there just for when duty calls, I carry a bunch of fully loaded mags so I can restock my pouches on a moments notice ( I have a ton of mags!!!) I carry batteries, and allot of other things.

    But a good rule of thumb I go buy is things that aren't completely essential to combat that you need on a moments notice I put in there. But I only carry my PAC on big games with 100 + people or if they are a very long game, even though I can take it no problem I still want to be faster for where it counts ( small games ).
  5. chineseairsofterss

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    Ok thanks! That helps
  6. Vandal

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    -Shaving cream(antifog for goggles)
    -BB's(of course)
    -Speed loader
    -Lighter(smoke grenades)
    -box of CO2
    -Camel back water pouch
    I'm wearing all my other gear with guns on slings, mags in pouches.
  7. Maxuhmize

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    -spare clothes
    -spare goggles lense
    -spare batteries
    -green gas
    -tool set
    -smart charger
    -unjamming rod
    -more stuff, will check after school
  8. Protectionperfection

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    depending on yoru field and event you can carry bbs or gas but some dont allow carrying extra on the field. Run what you Brung mentality. I carry my 3L bladder, unjamming rod, cloth, tools needed to perform a basic teardown, and spare thunder B shells with CO2.
    I carry spare mags for my team on my back(a dual pouch) and I also carry 2 smoke, 1 Thunder B and 1 Tornado on my back for team use(cqb mostly, stack and entry) and to even out the weight (~10.5 lbs of LM4 gas mags with 2 spare pistol mags up front)
    If I can carry BBs and Gas I might carry a few speed loaders filled and a can of propane...
  9. 703

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    It depends on what the OP / skirm is and how long it is. You build the kit for your needs, we can give you suggestions but you have to mold it to how you play.

    Is the backpack attached to your plate carrier or can you take it on & off like a regular backpack. When I play I carry a backpack to the field that has all the supplies I need for the day but I leave it at the staging area. I don't see the need to carry it into games as they only last ~15 - 30min each.

    List of stuff I have
    - BB's
    - Watter
    - Food
    - Extra batteries
    - Multi Tool
    - Propane tank
    - speedloaders
    - Extra goggles
    - More I can't think of right now...