Whats my barrel size/what will fit? G&G m4 cm16 short!

Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by plasticnoob, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. plasticnoob

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    hidden city
    Barrel Length: 233mm

    only place I can find my barrel lengh,

    also barrels on the web state mp5, will mp5 barrel (233mm fit in the m4?) or do I need a barrel that states m4?

    is 233 the correct lengh? airsoft asia said 220m .....

    I measured the barrel it was like 10 inches , to mm it was just 10 off, I figure that is from the hop up in the barrel and I did not mesaure it all right.
    so confused :(
  2. Jeranhound

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    So long as you don't buy a gbb barrel, you'll be fine. There's always a bit of wiggle room in sizing barrels. For example, my cm040 has a 407mm barrel, but a number of places list it as 400 even, and I've seen it listed as longer in others.

    They just give a gun model so you generally know what you're looking at. Also, it's safer to go with a little too short than a bit too long. My barrel goes right to the edge of the booster on my gun, so anything longer and the end of the barrel could be damaged. Usually less of an issue with a regular flash hider, but still.

  3. ndepasacreta

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    Measure the length of
    Your outer barrel in inches, and
    Convert it to mm on the internet
  4. Dehaka

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    measure rear to front (including hopup) you will get the right mm
  5. ndepasacreta

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    Pull out your inner barrel and hop up as measure them (in inches) convert it to mm on the internet