Whats the best gun under $50.00 thx.

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by newairsoftplayer, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. newairsoftplayer

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    Hi i am new to airsoft. Whats the best gun to get? thx.
  2. marine121496

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    None save anoter 50 for a good used gun.

  3. Sparky_D

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    There are a couple decent guns under $50, but they'll be spring or Co2 powered.

    I love my Taurus 24/7 Co2 NBB pistol (KWC OEM) I got at Walmart for around $34. Heck, I have 3 of them...

    There are also the tri-shot shotguns (spring powered) that can be had for around $50 if you look hard enough.

    The used option is always there as well. I've picked up fully functional AEGs for $40 on my local craigslist. Just be careful it isn't some plastic gearboxed LPEG.

    Bottom line is you are not going to be hard pressed to get a primary that will compete with upgraded AEGs for $50, even used.
  4. Devgru98

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    I'd say a 3 burst shotgun but up to you
  5. ShooterMcgavin

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  6. 703

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    This .

    If you look around on craigslist you can probaly find a decent AEG for around 50.00. My friends and I have actually gotten several JG / CYMA / other lower end brand guns for under 50.00 that all work. None were LPEGs.

    You have to know what to look for and don't be affraid to lowball people. My friend just picked up a JG AEG and a shotgun for 50.00 Seller was asking 100.00 but my friend asked him if he would take 50 if he came that night and picked it up. Seller agreed to it... This is also a good time because it's getting colder out and many people have gone back to college so they are selling.
  7. AznMunkay

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    Get a three burst shotgun, they are decent for CQB. I'm selling mine with extra shells for $30 if you interested.