whats wrong with my battery?

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by newbieairsoft123, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. newbieairsoft123

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    Its an 8.4 volt 900 mah NiMH. Rechargeable Battery pack it came with my a&k m4 s system. I charged my battery for about 4 hours yesterday and I went in my backyard today and only shot for about 45 minutes and my gun stopped working when I took the battery out it was pretty hot I think I need a new battery? And a smart charger. can I upgrade my battery or can my gun only use 8.4 volt batteries??
  2. Ze_Glocksman

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    You can upgrade batteries. Just make sure you can fit it into the hand guard on your gun. And yes you do need to get a smart charger before anything else. If you go lipo, you will need to get a lipo charger as well. But seriously- get a smart charger. Also you may want to check your fuse on your gun- you probably blew it out and that's why it's not shooting.

  3. bal1

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    I would get deans, and a new battery.
  4. Shiftyshooter

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    If we use the general rule of thumb, a 900 mAh battery will only last for about 900 shots. Which takes about those 45 minutes of a noob shooting around his yard.
  5. Username94

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    What shifty said. If you went through almost 900 shots, especially on full auto, then expect your battery to die.
  6. 703

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    I would still recomend getting a smart charger as well as a new battery.
  7. Bulldawg26

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    What 703 and Shifty said...........I would also suggest getting a higher mah battery. You can easily get one with a 1600 mah. You'll be able to play a lot longer on one full battery charge.
  8. Bulldawg26

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    Definitely dump the wall charger and get a smart one.
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  9. vfcfan

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    Best decision I ever made.
  10. Dead Eye

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    and stop shooting so much! I can see target shooting but if you are going to the point where your Battery is hot then the gears will wear and the motor will get hot as well. take it easy.
  11. Lefse

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    Ditch that obsolete ni-mh battery and get yourself a high quality 2 cell li-po and a reasonably priced li-po balance charger for it. Hobbyking is a popular and good retailer to buy batteries and such. And definitely upgrade to Deans or XT60 plugs, Tamiya plugs are garbage.
  12. Bulldawg26

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    Yep. Ditch the tamiya plugs for deans. Lipo batteries are a good choice if follow a few safety rules. Don't let the battery discharge to below 3v per cell. Many stores sell an alarm that attaches to the battery that warns you if the voltage gets too low. Don't let a 7.4v (2cell) lipo get below 6v. An 11.1 (3cell) lipo doesn't need to get below 9v. You will want a discharge rate of 20-25c.

    If you go lipo, I would start with the two cell 7.4v lipo with a 20c discharge rate. I would also get a battery with as much mah as will fit in your gun. Typically, lipo batteries get larger as mah increases. Most people I play with use either an 1800-2200 mah 7.4v battery.

    A good thing about lipos (in my humble opinion) is that they tend to hold their charge longer than nimh batteries. They also last through more re-charging cycles. Although you do have to buy a balance charger to use lipo batteries, your long term cost with lipo batteries should be less than with nimh. Just my 5¢ worth.