When do old airsoft guns deteriorate?

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by Clark Walton_, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. Clark Walton_

    Clark Walton_ New Member

    My airsoft collection is something like 10 years old. Does anyone have experience with what happens if airsoft guns haven't been used for a long timeframe?

    I'm mostly wondering if the hop up would be shot, if the batteries would all need replaced, or anything else in the way of maintenance that would be required if your guns haven't been used in, say, 7 years.

  2. OPairoft

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    Older nimh or nicad batteries might die, everything else should be fine as long as it’s in a cool and most dry but not to dry of a place.

  3. Clark Walton_

    Clark Walton_ New Member

    So I just got done checking out my old Classic Army Scar-L (CA2020P), and it shot just like the day I bought it. This is good news. I'll just put a note to any buyer that the batteries are old and they should assume they won't hold a charge as well anymore.


    PS, how do people sell airsoft guns in 2020? Is it still eBay, or facebook marketplace, or somewhere else?
  4. Peeque

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    I wouldn't use eBay. After their final sale fee and then PayPal's fee it's just not worth it in my opinion.

    r/airsoftmarket on Reddit or Facebook Marketplace if you use Facebook. You can also make sale threads on forums like this one.
  5. BoogerMc

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    Facebook has been cracking down on gun sales of all kinds, even airsoft.
  6. Guges Mk3

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    You an sell on ebay if it has an orange tip.

    They crack down on people who are selling items with no orange tip.

    Otherwise you can handle the wanna-be kids and sell it on the phone app hop-up.

    If your packs have rare earth NIMH cells it should still be okay for making and holding a charge...if not...recycle them. They won't hold much of a charge any more.
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  7. aotsukisho

    aotsukisho Active Member

    As long as they don't leak, NiCd batteries don't die for no reason - they tolerate abuse very well. NiMH are more fragile and will be damaged if they go below their minimum voltage which I believe is 0.8v/cell. Anecdotally, a friend of mine found his RC model that he had in childhood awhile back and the NiCd pack was measured at 0v and probably has been that way for well over a decade. I ran it through 3 charge/discharge cycles and it was still holding the proper 800mAh discharge capacity under load.

    When selling any of your old replicas you should also probably disclose that they have been out of maintenance for awhile. Just because it cycles when power is applied does not mean they are good to go, seals and contacts are likely to have been compromised due to environmental deterioration. If you want to do a tune-up before selling, I would recommend replacing the O-rings in the gearbox (piston head, cylinder head) and re-greasing any moving parts. I've bought AEGs in the past that I thought were operating normally, but when chrono'd they were shooting <200fps due to the seals drying up.
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  8. Mark Thorne

    Mark Thorne New Member

    I have a 10 year old M85 double eagle (G36) LPAEG And all I’ve had to do is replace the battery. It shoots pretty accurate still. I let my sons friends use it to play.
  9. Mark Thorne

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    I live in Connecticut, and it is illegal to buy airsoft, or any type of weapon from Amazon.com. I can buy BBs, CO2, green gas, and magazines, but nothing that actually shoots those projectiles. It all started about five years ago.
  10. yrutimid

    yrutimid Active Member

    Is it strictly from Amazon or any site?
  11. Automobilie

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    What'll burn you on old guns is or is similar to "zinc-pest".


    Basically, old zinc-cast parts can start to oxidize and become very brittle/fragile. If you've ever worked on a "cheap" gun and had parts just crumble in your hands, that's zinc-pest (Or something similar. I've read it has to do with the introduction of lead to the alloy, which makes the metal flow nicer, but puts a ticking clock on it's durability).

    A new gun can be perfectly sturdy, but given a bit of time and the Zamac and zinc-alloy's can start to crack off at the slightest effort. Most internal pieces can be replaced/upgraded, and hardware can be updated to nicer parts (Old philips to nicer looking Allen or better Torx), but a damaged body takes some creativity to repair, and if it's starting to pest, there's not much you can do but replace parts...

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  12. Mark Thorne

    Mark Thorne New Member

    I buy from all the different “Airsoft” online retailers, with no problems. I can’t have actual firearms shipped either. I can order them online for in store pick up. But say I wanted to buy a reproduction MP40, I couldn’t buy it in CT. BUT, if it were manufactured pre- 1898 it would be ok? Makes no sense, but that’s the state law.