where can i buy classics?

Discussion in 'Classic Guns' started by carrottop, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. carrottop

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    I was wondering where can i buy classics?

  2. EagleDriver

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    With the exception of classicairsoft.net, that the thread you linked to does not tell where to buy classics and is five years old.

    Classic Airsoft's arms bazaar:


    The best place to buy classic airsoft guns is still Japan. You can check out Yahoo auctions here (sorry, no Ebay):


    It really helps if you can search on English and Japanese text. If you are looking for something in particular, let me know and I can post a search string for you to use.

    If you do not live in Japan, then you would need a bid agent. The one I use is:


    He is the only one I found that will ship airsoft. There might be others, but Celga, etc. do not do airsoft.
  3. levirocks

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    Collectorairsoft.com is a great site. Run by a great guy who is extremely helpful for beginners to classics.
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    I was showing the fact that the search function worked and that they should try it. there are at least 5 other threads (old or not) that give links and store names.
    I thought the point to helping was not spoon feed but help them learn. Using the search function would make life easier for them and us by not continuously having threads on the exact same thing (exact same title and everything)
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    There is a reason many people hide the source of classic guns. Simply put, classics are not a "fad", and take some seriousness, because for every 9 out of 10 people who'd make a post saying "where to buy classics" would get one off ebay or something, with little or no research, and most likely get the impression they are junk because they didn't realize the money or mods that need to go into them to make them worthwhile.

    Also, many people hide locations because some "newbie" might say "hey I crank the dial and it shoots harder... so what happens when I crank it to 1k psi..." thus causing the lines, and gun to shatter into a zillion pieces and most likely maiming the person doing it.

    Personally I truly dislike all the C/A.net url posts around here, as I myself kept them off this site for quite some time of the duration of my stay on the forum. And for a good reason. The people who I felt deserved the link got it, the rest were forced to learn and research.

    NTM, I'm sure C/A.net likes the gazillion of newbie posts etc on there since the URL has been spammed out. Those people don't take kindly to people who don't know how to research for themselves.
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    Don't get me wrong... he's a great guy and all, and I have bought some guns off him in the past, but the prices he sells stuff at.... basically are :eek:

    There are much better places to go once in the know. But, like said, D is a great guy and you will always get your guns (he is definitely reliable)... but you will pay a premium for this.