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    i live in southeast missouri, stoddard county to be exact. i just got into playing airsoft but i dont really have anywhere to play. right now i just have a couple buddies come over and play so i can get them interested and hopefully get them to play too. anyone have any advice on where to play and who to play with?
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    Well for a Place to play u need a good mix of woods and field With plenty of cover. My field is 7 acres of woods with 2 big cornfields and the woods are dotted with forts. That is for alot of people though. Until u get alot of ppl I recommend little FFA games. Just keep asking around or somethin at school and you'll b surprised how many ppl get back to u saying they wanna play.

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    My name is Ashton Hampton and I live in Rolla Missouri , the weekend of Jan. 19 ( next Saturday) we are having a mil sim airsoft war on 200 acres with about 30 people and we want many more please let anyone able to make the drive , it's Operation Iron Bullet ! Email me at alh0622@yahoo.com or text at 573-247-9481
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    hi missouri airsofters team echo has a cqb woodland field in fredericktwon missouri ever team is welcome we also have a facebook page under echo airsoft for events and gun reviews look us up on the 19th of januray there is a op that 101st tactical airsoft group is hosting its in desoto of of 67 highway its all free about 40 players here is the team leaders number for echo just text saying your from here and we will get a good size op going make a big event page and get it out there so there is alote of players
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    Alright I don't live far away from there and I have family down there so I could come play, what is there number or the person I need to contact for more information ?
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    We are a team of guys ranging from 14-30 years old. We are located in Sullivan mo. We are looking for any teams in the surrounding area to battle. We have a feild to play on and about 12 players depending on the work schedule. Anyone who wants to get a large scale battle going let me know

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    I have about the same number of guyes and same age group we would like to take you up on a battle text me 573 694 6519 my name is Charlie we live in owensville about 30 minn away
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    Try bing airsoft in illinoi. Just search bing airsoft feilds