Which aeg should i get

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    in between chicago and milwakee
    I have a bit over 300 to spend on the next gun i buy, i only play field games, amd the fps limit is 400 for and aeg. basicly i want a gun that out of the box has good range, accuracy, and full metal body. i dont want to have to open the gear box and upgrade any gears, or any thing like that.

    Also i was thinking about buying the evike custom g&p m4


    But i heard that if you dont replace the gears the gun breaks really fast, and i'm not experienced enough to make those upgrades with out maybe messing up the gun

    EXICUT1ONER New Member

    Get a vfc or a standard m4 by marui

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    Go with a G&P (Sentry), KWA (KM4A1 or KM4 RIS) or (if you can afford it) an M4 from VFC. TM's have a phenomenal hop up and resulting range. The only problem is that they are expensive.
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    OP what you linked is what you want. Sentry is outside price range. KWA is meh other than their gas guns. VFC is an option if you get the basic M4a1. I love my G&P and I may have gotten lucky with it (other than messed up trigger contacts). I have put 40k+ through it with 10k last weekend and it is still going strong stock.
  5. deadeye

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    in between chicago and milwakee
    thanks for the replies, i was thinking of getting vfc, but i hear that stock they arent very accurate. any other suggestions, i also only order from evike and airsoft gi

    also when you say get a vfc are you talking about the 'E' series
    also im can spend around 350$ tops, anything around their i can make do, but really nothing more then that
    no 400$ guns
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