Which campstove/outdoor cooker should you choose for Ops!

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  1. Robin-Hood

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    Hey everyone!

    I don't know about you but when I first started airsofting & attending MilSim games I spent a lot of times at events eating lukewarm food or struggling by with MREs etc. Enough I decided, lets get some real good food on the field!

    But even if you are not faced with that problem, you are still faced with the issue of getting a good meal when you're cold, wet, tired and HUNGRY! :eek:

    So what are you going to cook it on?

    Well this is in my opinion the 5 best solutions to your problem, I focussed on it being from a campers point of view but the need is the same. I have used all of them and rate them all enough to make my top 5 list. Hopefully this is useful to some of you!

    Top 5 Camp Cookers for Milsim Games
  2. nucklehead

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    Nice list. Personally love the Jetboil, definitely what I'll be using if I go to a MSW event sometime soon.

  3. Robin-Hood

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    You really can't go wrong with the Jetboil! The only reason the MSR Windburner beats it as the best camping stoves is because it has a closed burner so cannot be blown out. We've had the Jetboil get blown out once or twice which is a bit annoying when you're freezing and trying to get warm! :p