Which g36c should I get

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    IMG_0205.PNG IMG_0206.PNG Hey this is my first time on the site sorry if I posted in wrong place but I need help, I have the option between an echo 1 g36c, and a JG g36c. I've heard the echo 1 is just a rebranded JG g36c but I don't really know. The jg is about 125$ and the echo1 is 140$. Also if anyone has he fps and specs on either of the guns that would be greatly appreciated.
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    JingGong G608 AEG
    Gear Box: Ver.3
    Motor: High Speed <- lol, nope. Replace if not a JG Blue.
    Firing mode: Semi-Auto, Auto
    Magazine: 470 Rounds
    Length: 500mm/720mm(Folded/in Full)
    Barrel Length: 256.5mm (Internal)
    Weight: 2800g with battery
    Battery: Mini Type 8.4V Battery, mini Tamiya Plug
    Muzzle Velocity: 330-360FPS with 0.2g BBs
    Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Manual, Battery, Charger

    Model#: JG-0638
    [​IMG] Weight: 3.00 Kg

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    Get the JG one as suggested, its a decent gun and can be greatly enhanced with upgrades.