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    I am soon going to buy a new skirmishing assault rifle and Id really like a scar, masada, or acr look.. Out of these guns tell me which one youd get and why over the other guns. VFC Scar, G&G Scar, Echo1 A.S.C. Scar, Dboys Scar, A&K Magpul Masada, A&K Magpul ACR.. Im Also looking to put an m150 spring in It so which would be easiest/cheapest to do so reliably.
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    Vfc scar > g&g scar > e1 > dboys. Dont get the a&k masada/acr. Get the magpul version if you can, its close to the price of the vfc.

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    Just know, you won't be able to just toss in a M150 spring and expect the gun to function well for too long. If you're gonna do a DMR build or you're looking for more range, I highly suggest you read these threads so you know how to properly do it so you don't destroy your gun as well as get some longevity out of it.


    Shimming for less stress on your gears
    AoE to make sure your gears and piston are aligning properly
    Lipo to give the energy to pull the spring back
    Mofset - I personally don't use them, but many say you should
    Compression: http://www.airsoftsociety.com/forums/f10/cylinder-hole-location-vs-barrel-length-guide-chart-2518/

    There are a few others, but definitely glance through these so you don't screw up your gun