Which gun krytac spr, vfc 416 or m27?

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by Boise11, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. Boise11

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    I have 500 dollars to spend on aeg and attachments

    I wold like a krytac spr or krytac crb with a suppressor and longer inner barrel or vfc 416 with a suppresor and inner barrel or a m27

    I play at a field with a 400 fps limit the field has many long lanes of sight I want a gun that can reach but also be used in a cqb environment. (field is indoor and outdoor )

    I real want the most range in my gun while it still being light and easy to control

    (Please keep in mind i am 5'5 and weigh 140

    Very small)

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated thanks
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  2. Kopis

    Kopis Active Member

    I am a big VFC fan, but I am really starting to think Krytac might perform better. All guns listed are very high quality and you will be very happy with any you choose. I would pick the one you like best, but for your size I would stay away from the M27.

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  3. Boise11

    Boise11 New Member

    Ok thanks Any other suggestions
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  4. thebbwarrior

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    I'd say that the VFC 416 was actually very heavy for how big it is, and the M27 IAR is even worse, If you get a VFC 416 or IAR, get a sling point, because their have one and it easily becomes tiring. Krytac seems to be upping their game, and I'd say they are a worthy competitor.
    If you want to, here's a review I made of the VFC 416: [ame]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyX1AxE0G64[/ame]
  5. Boise11

    Boise11 New Member

    Thanks a lot for your suggestion and I am starting to think the krytac line may be the way to go for me.
  6. ThePinballWiz

    ThePinballWiz Member

    I own a Krytac CRB and it is wonderful. Also the hk's bore me so much because it is the super popular "Cool guy gun" so pretty much every little rich kid has one at my field. They are great guns but I dislike the image they give you. I'd say performance is pretty much a wash between the two.
  7. Big_Smitty71

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    I own all three (in addition to a VFC HK 417D) and will agree with the above comments. I think for your frame and play conditions, the Krytac CRB would fit best. Performance is similar to the Krytac SPR but the outer barrel is shorter, and the gun itself is a bit lighter. The 416 would do you justice as well, but is surprisingly heavy for the size. For reference, I'm 6'6" and 240lbs so I prefer the longer and bigger guns.
  8. Boise11

    Boise11 New Member

    Ok I am buying the crb this weekend