Which gun looks more worth building?

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  1. RedSofters

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    Hey guys i've been shopping around and using pimp my gun a lot lately. I've come up with some final looks I would like, but I'm still stuck between them. I'm not sure if i want black or tan and black, rail or moe, and ctr or modstock. Tell me what you guys think. Thanks.

    Just to let you know, I run a multi-cam BDU set and a tan plate carrier if that helps at all on the look.

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  2. bonnax

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    I personally would go with number 3, or the last one, but with a few changes. Not liking the black AFG on the tan rails. I'd swap the tan rails for black ones, then make it a tan AFG with tan rail covers (maybe the ladder rail covers). Otherwise, looks good. What about an MOE or MIAD grip? Maybe tan mags as well...might be too much tan with those, though.

    In the end, it's all down to what you like most.

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