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Which is better for gun longevity and battery life during a game?

Which is better? Semi or Full-Auto bursts

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Here's a question I haven't heard since I first started playing airsoft a couple of years ago:

Which is better?
a. Gun on semi-auto
b. Gun on full-auto mode but doing single bursts to fire 1 bb at a time

I know semi puts more stress on the motor, but which one of these scenarios is better for gun longevity and battery life during a game?
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Kinda odd silly question.....

if you was really being picky then technically AUTO & single shot
ONLY coz you won't be using/wearing cut off lever/trolley as it doesn't pop off the trigger sear

I'll use SEMI for ergh SEMI & AUTO/short semi burst for ergh AUTO/larger bursts/spray n pray
(coz I can't hit a barn door or that cheating mofo ain't calling his hits)

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Shooting single shots in full auto setting is a trick we used in "the old days", when we used low capacity ni-cd batteries. We did this to get more shots out of a full charge than shooting single shots in in semi-auto.
shooting single shots on auto is easier the slower your gun cycles

slower guns on semi suffer the trigger "dead zone" where the player released trigger too soon on semi and the COL is still raised slightly. New players force the trigger and learn the hard way that wasn't the wisest thing to do.

If your gun shoots about 10 to 15rps then the dead zone could be a common issue
If your gun shoots about 20 to 25rps then you should have no problem bar a small overspin
If your gun shoots about 30+rps then you might get double firing
(depends on spring and your homework you did upgrading bits etc....)

BUT on AUTO and staying on auto you won't get the trigger dead zone or wear your COL
Still think it is a daft question tbh so I'm not bothering to vote
I'll use semi for semi etc.... like I said earlier
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