Which is better?

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    Look at cm.035 or cm.050a they r both cyma

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    I think the CMO36 will have better range and performance than the AKS74u.
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    Okay thanks. I like the look of the AKS74u better but I needed to know performance wise so thanks.

    Okay thanks. I will definetly check them out
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  5. Dont go with a CM035, Go for CM045. The CM035 is pot metal reciever, gas block, etc. I believe the only steel parts is the rear stock. I sold mine and got the CM045 which is much nicer. Much better finish, majority of it is steel and it supports after-market RIS. It also is VFC style as opposed to the CM035 which is Tokyo Marui (screws everywhere!)
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    I got the CM045. And i gotta tell you, its a HELLA of a gun! I needed to change its m130 spring to an m120 so i can go to my cqb arena... But otherwise its an excelent gun. You should get it in airsoftgi... You get free shipping for it, and with the coupon code "trifecta" you get 10% off!
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