Which KWA Pistol Should I Get?

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by Blizzard0201, Oct 24, 2015.

  1. Blizzard0201

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    Hey airsofters,
    I'm in search for my first KWA gas blowback pistol, and I'm not sure which pistol is the best/most reliable besides the KWA M9 ptp. I know the m9 ptp may be the best, but I just don't want it for a few of my own reasons. So far I'm caught between the m 1911, HK USP full size, M226, and the ATP. I personally like the look and feel more of the m1911, but it costs more, and I have read of numerous issues concerning the safety and other issues. I only like the m1911 mark a little bit more than the other ones listed. Which of these pistols is the best/most reliable? Thank you.
  2. Jeranhound

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    Why are you looking only at KWA guns? A KJW would be a better choice for any gun that both companies make, being complete TM clones.

  3. Noah_6

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    Just get a Tokyo Marui. They're the same price, if not cheaper than KWA. They're also more accurate, more efficient, and better manufactured.

    I know from experience that TM makes a really nice P226
  4. Blizzard0201

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    I'm not getting anything other than a KWA, so please don't try to point out other brand options. I'm a KWA fanboy XD, and I trust it's GBB guns more than any other. I just want to know what the best pistol is out of the KWA m1911 mark, KWA HK USP, KWA M226, and the KWA ATP? I currently like the m1911 the most with the USP coming in as a close second, but I have heard of the various issues with the m1911. That's why I'm asking which is the best/most reliable. Please answer soon.
    Thank you.
  5. Shady

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    This makes me sad.

    The only KWA worth buying is something pre-NS2. Otherwise you might as well just flush your money down the toilet. If you wanna fanboy, go ahead and fanboy, but it's a waste of your money.
  6. Remoon101

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    KWA is strapped for upgrade options but their build quality and feel is in general superior to that of (stock) TM's.

    I'd highly recommend the M9 PTP series if you're looking for reliability. It's one of KWA's oldest lines and the most updated so many kinks have been ironed out. There's also a neat little EVO-II hop-up/tightbore upgrade set to it out on the market that can squeeze out some extra performance from it.

    That said, I'd also recommend you try to look for KWA guns second hand in good condition; I'm of the opinion that KWA guns are overpriced somewhat, especially their mags.

    If you're looking for sheer upgrade options, the KSC glock series actually is comparable to that of Tokyo Marui, and KSC is basically the same as KWA but with apparently higher quality control.
  7. Noah_6

    Noah_6 Active Member

    Even then. Pre-NS2 wouldn't have much aftermarket support. Would it?
  8. Shady

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    No, but the pre-NS2 KWAs were miles above what they're putting out now. KWA got where they are on the pre-NS2 things, and now they're slacking and cutting corners quite a bit. They basically last a year then crash and people buy another one. The old models are still rocking and rolling at almost 10 years old in perfect condition.
  9. Patriot76

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    Oh god please no, there are numerous threads devoted to proving that NS2 KWAs are outperformed by KJW and TM. I own a KWA M226 and personally hate it, it's unreliable and prone to jamming. Where in comparison my friend's TM P226e2 blows it out of the water. Lil_Shady was correct, and from what I've seen he's an incredibly knowledgeable member, if you're not just looking to waste money I suggest you listen to him or one of the other very experienced users on here.
  10. MADR77

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    I'll try to help you out as best as I can here.. My first recommendation is too steer clear of the ATP series. Heard bad things and if you are dead set on that model go for the old KWA Glocks. As for the rest, I own both the HK45 and M93r by KWA, and both are really amazing. The HK45's front sight moves though which makes my OCD skyrocket :D The M93r on the other hand doesn't have that issue, but rather isn't very good on gas (working on that one). Only about 80% of the mag per charge right now :(

    I also use to own a KWA USP compact and unlike my full size USP (the HK45), the compact was not impressive AT ALL. It was actually one of my lesser liked sidearms.

    I heard that the 1911s are alright, but have several issues that need work down the road. To be safe I would go with the m9 Tactical series, they work well OOTB and you don't need to buy stupid rail adapters to attach flashlights onto your pistol (unlike the USP).
  11. JCL

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    I've had good experience with the USP full size. The seal on the nozzle was busted when I got it but I replaced it and it hasn't had any malfunctions until a few days ago when I broke the trigger. No jamming, no venting, no nothing. It should be noted that I fiddle with it all every day while watching videos, so it got way more wear and tear than it would through normal use.
  12. Amish

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    My KWA M1911A1 is a nice gbb handgun. Has good power, simple build and has a nice kick to it. Hasn't failed me yet but I have only had it four months or so now. I shoot it all the time.

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