Which M4 to choose an AEG or GBB

Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by Natebelg, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. Natebelg

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    I'm looking for a steel version of an M4 with authentic Markings, I'm new to airsoft and I'm not sure which company to choose.

    I like the realistic look and action of the GBB, but have been told that for a beginner they are not ideal.

    Sorry if this has already been mentioned in an earlier post, but to be honest, the search option doesn't work that well!

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  3. sniper-assaulter

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    Yeah, it depends on budget. You can get an electric full metal M4 with authentic markings and not have to worry about buying green gas (you would still have to charge it before games). Or you could go with the GBB which uses gas and usually holds less, but more realistic amounts, of bb's. Personally I have little experience with GBBRs, but it seems like in tough conditions or if you don't clean it it could lock up pretty easily.
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    depends on your budget. alot of people get GBBR's for the realism. but parts are harder and usually more expensive. you can get an AEG with authentic trades that are really realistic (ICS) and still be cheaper and more upgradable than a GBBR.
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    Exactly what I'm trying to get at.
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    First off, welcome to the forum. But for a beginner I would recommend an AEG they take less maintenance and work in all weather conditions. Plus you can make an AEG almost the same as a GBBUY the only difference is not loading mags with gas and not having gas shoot out the gun
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    ICS...no. G&P for externals or even VFC. For GBBR I believe King Arms makes decent ones. I've heard good and bad things about WE tech.

    For comparison its
    AEG-easy, cheaper
    GBBR-complicated, expensive, and not much difference in realism between the two.
    For me its AEG<GBBR
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    gas guns require more routine maintenance and the mags are much more expensive with a much lower capacity (you may need more than for an aeg)
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    You seem to be new to Airsoft so I would recommend getting the aeg because gas guns are less durable(depending on the brand of gun) and require more maintenance (cleaning and lubricating the entire gun after every game and gas gun mags are a pita). Wait till you have some experience with some gas pistols before thinking about investing in a gbbr.