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I'm planning on getting my first pistol for christmas. I have about $100 dollar budget, but i'm planning on spending $20 for a propane adapter, so I have $80 to spend on a gun. So far I've narrowed it down to two choices: this Matrix TM Clone M9 (, and this KJW PT92 M9 ( Both seem pretty decent to me. I know they both have fixed hopups and plastic parts, but I'm planning on using it in a very close quarters field, and I won't use it very often or very roughly.

The pros and cons I see for each are as follows

Has been on sale for $60 for about a month now, not likely to go down in price
No trademarks possibly means better value
Seems more compatible with TM parts
can use WE M9 mags

Not sure who OEM is
not able to use both CO2 and green gas mags (not a con for me)
Mags seem to leak according to reviews

KJW is a more reliable manufacturer
Taurus trades, less plain
Can use both GG and CO2 mags, may mean stronger gas system
cheaper mags

More expensive
Not able to use WE mags
Not sure if compatible with TM parts
Taurus trades may reduce potential resale value

I'm not sure which one I should choose. I'm leaning towards the KJW, but it's more expensive. Also, the Matrix one has better reviews on Evike.

If anyone has any better recommendations in this price range, I'm open to suggestions. Really my only requirement is that it has to be Green Gas, because propane is cheap and easy for me to get. Doesn't have to be an M9 either, I just like them

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I've never used either of these but evike not listing the OEM of the matrix M9 makes me uneasy. KJW guns are really quite nice, I own 3 and none have ever had major issues. Assuming the M9 is the same internally as the metal versions I'd say get the KJ.
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