Who Makes The Best OOTB AK For Under $300?

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by Bullpup GOD, May 18, 2018.

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    Starting a RUSFOR kit, and want an AK that will preform well without cracking it open. I'm not much of an AEG tech, I personally think it takes more time than playing, and causes allot more frustration. My budget is around $300 just for the gun, And here is what I've found so far.

    Certain CYMA AK's have full steel externals and the CYMA torque motor, and can be found for as little as $130 for the 74UN variant.

    D Boys have solid externals, don't know much abt the internals.

    ICS is good all around, but is only a little bit cheaper than LCT.

    LCT's are the king by far. Great externals, from what I've heard, good internals. But they're also the most expensive.

    G&P have some nice offerings, and I know they have pretty dang good internals, but they again, are the same peice as the LCT's, and LCT is by far the nicest looking gun.

    Give me your advice and opinion.
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    LCT is best, then Cyma VFC-style AKs. Dboys are meh. ICS and G&P use the inferior TM design.

    If you have $300 for just the gun, go for an LCT from Evike. As they are not MAP protected, you can get 25% off, so around $225, which is insane for an LCT.

    Otherwise, get a Cyma VFC-clone AK, which are also solid weapons. May as well forget the rest.
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    Some E&L's are under 300.00...and are very good.
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    For externals: VFC = LCT/E&L > Dboys Steel versions = JG EBB Steel versions > Cyma (VFC clone verisions only) > everything else.

    Most people don't know this, but both Dboys and JG steel versions have many more steel parts than the CYMA steel versions, as they are a closer copy of the original VFC externals. CYMA has way better internals though.

    AK Internals: LCT > E&L > Cyma = VFC (old VFC had **** internals) > everything else worth getting.
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    Just to add to that, my Beta Project(JG OEM) Magpul PTS AK is VFC style with a steel receiver.