Why Evike?

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  1. griffbrd

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    Why does everyone buy from Evike? In my opinion the site is WAY over priced and shipping takes forever. I think airsoftmegastore is a much better site with MUCH cheaper prices. If anyone knows a even better site than airsoftmegastore please let me know. -griff
  2. Protectionperfection

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    ive spent thousands with evike. shipping from them to me in MA takes 3 days at the most 5 and their prices are some of the best around. Their customer service is better than asgi and asm. Evike will take a return if there is a fault with it, asm will only give store credit. asm customer service sucks and they are a-holes. they make you pay to return the item for them to fix it and pay to get it back... same with asgi. evike pays shipping both ways.
    asm has a much lower selection and lesser quality and lesser quality control.

    it all comes down to everyone has an opinion and every store has good and bad times. Evike a year ago was horrible but they have stepped up and out on top of almost all the other stores.
    are the best places to buy from IMO

  3. DaveRuination

    DaveRuination New Member

    because they're about a mile from where i live so i go to the walk in store :p
  4. bob19922

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    Old bridge
    My friend ordered a high cap. and a gun the forgot to give him the mag. He called customer service he called customer service and they let him get another gun.
  5. evan2634

    evan2634 New Member

    Airsoft megastore is terrible.
  6. alexrox

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    Ellicott City
    Evike has great coupon codes, right now they have 20% off, as they almost always do. They have the same shipping time as other retailers I have experience with.
  7. 1badweasel

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    Santa Rosa
    I've only ever shopped at weaponblender and airsoftsmith. Evike is only good for when I can't find something at the other sites.
  8. Dead Eye

    Dead Eye New Member

    Well after you use their online coupon code that can be found by liking them on facebook..... I pay almost a $100 less on my larger purchases. not to mention I never waited more than a week for my stuff. I only once had a snafu on my order they sent the wrong threaded flash suppressor they fixed it by sending me the correct one without question and let me keep the other one.
  9. Mikeinator

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    Northern VA (no more info, someone might find me...)
    Wow, Airsoft megastore is the worst site out there, evike is a billion million trillion (very technical terms) times better. I wouldn't buy from AMS even if my life depended on it. Especially after their scavenger hunt. Evike is great, all of my purchases go through them or ehobbyasia. Evike > AMS everyday.
  10. Sparky_D

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    Pierce County
    #1: Evike has more product
    #2: Evike has more upgrade parts
    #3: Evike carries GBB parts
    #4: Evike has better pricing on most things worth buying
    #5: Evike offers free shipping on $100 orders (AMS free shipping doesn't kick in till $149)
    #6: Evike offers Super Savings shipping on small parts orders (USPS)

    just to name a few reasons...
  11. alex

    alex New Member

    they have the cheapest .25g in 20k bulk packs. i buy 3 bags a month. sometimes more if it's a full auto day.
  12. FSTK

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    I guess if you're starting out in Airsoft Evike's got the biggest selection of AEG, sniper rifle guns and parts as well as the biggest GBBR/P selection. So if you like to just buy stuff in bulk from them like bbs and whole mags and guns then Evike's a whole lot better than ASGI and such. Very noob friendly.

    Most veterans won't buy their stuff from Evike. If you're looking for a specific part that's rare like GBB parts or specific AEG parts that you read about here on the forums from tech experts or even simple repair parts like springs or o-rings: you'll often find Evike is a poor choice and does indeed overprice their stuff. For example: buying RA-Tech parts from Evike is overpriced versus overseas where even the cost+shipping from HK is cheaper than Evike. Then there's Angel silent head pistons, or specific AEG cages that caters to micro-switches or specific lipo battery types/sizes and so on and so on. But to be fair: that goes for just about every US retailer except Airsoft Atlanta which for some reason likes stocking the rare items, but charges just as much.

    But it's either that or go overseas hunting. So...heh.
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  13. AirsoftimusPrime

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    Satellite Beach
    They've mistitled their products then not refunded me, they aren't cheaper and their service is worse then ASGI. For smaller, specific parts, they are still higher priced and less reliable then clandestine etc. They've shipped me $350 guns and had broken aquacloths inside their box, which got into the internals. They're ridiculous.

    INFANTRYPRO New Member

    Airsoftmegastore is awful! They're major sales are BS. Their shipping takes forever and the people in customer service are bad bad bad!
  15. richman992

    richman992 Active Member


    Again, why? What happened with the scavenger hunt?

    How are their sales BS? You cant just make a claim like that and not say why. Megastore ships to me just as quickly as anyone else (GI or Evike). As for customer service, I wouldn't know. I've never had a reason to deal with them. I've always been very pleased with the service I received from Airsoft Megastore.

    INFANTRYPRO New Member

    Their sale that they had not to long ago they called it 'The Scavenger Hunt Sale" was. They would only keep one of everything in stock so no one would get a chance at getting that product. They would have $400 guns for only $50.
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  17. richman992

    richman992 Active Member

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but wasn't that the point of their scavenger hunt sale? Limited availability, and you have to find it, since it's such a steal?

    I personally like to back myself up when I make claims, so that people take my claim seriously, and won't assume it to be an opinion. That's why I quoted you and the others. It sounded more like opinions than experience. If there was a bad experience, I want to hear about it, so I know for next time. Anybody can sit there and go "evike sucks, GF airsoft is better". Doesn't make it true.

    I'm not your buddy, guy. (haha)
  18. SrgtSeargent

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    I don't know what you are talking about but just about every product ive seen on megastore ive been able to find cheaper on evike. Plus evike has free shipping plus its faster. a friend of mine ordered something off megastore and 2 days later made an order on evike and the evike order arrived first. Plus with coupon codes the savings gets even better. I haven't sen a websight that has better prices than evike, and trust me, i make sure i'm paying the lowest price possible.
  19. Mikeinator

    Mikeinator New Member

    Northern VA (no more info, someone might find me...)
    But that didn't happen, instead of people recording the $400 guns, they were cheated when they received guns from cheaper Chinese brands like SRC. After the first days sale they took down the offer, so I called to ask and after 30 minutes of being on hold, I was able to talk to a customer service rep, who had no idea what she was doing. She couldn't even answer my basic questions, and when she did answer, she'd tell me that it was all part of marketing, and she was out of the loop, but to find out more I could like them in Facebook. Not a good way to run a business AMS.
  20. richman992

    richman992 Active Member

    See, now that clears things up. That is messed up. I like AMS, but my only issue has been their selection. This gives me more to consider. I prefer evike's selection, and they have some AWESOME promotions (like their mystery boxes, or coupon codes). Maybe I'll make the switch sometime.