Why hate on KWA?

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by pancakemix56, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. pancakemix56

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    Listen, I'm starting to get really frustrated with people saying kwa sucks. I thought that too until I had hands on experience with it. Very few parts are proprietary, the price is right, externals are spot on. What is wrong with kwa? Please tell me.
  2. koolaidman

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    I don't really know how it is around your area, but as for the internet it seems a bandwagon thing, ex like COD, its not a terrible game, but it isn't amazing either and everyone buys it so there has to be a counter culture against it. Now around my area it gets alot of negative stigma as every person under the age of 16 gets their parents to buy one for them , and still are terrible team mates, and do terrible in game.
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  3. marine121496

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    I personally don't like the uppers that snap out, and two piece hop ups.
  4. Valkyrie

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    1. 75% of their guns are NOT their guns, they're KSC's guns.
    2.Not the best QC.
    3. Those ugly licensed warning text on the pistols licensed by Umarex.
    4. Plastic outer barrels. (On some of the NS2 guns)
    5.They claimed to have invented the "Recoil AEG" when Tokyo Marui's had it done for a couple years.
    6.I've heard of an MP9 bolt exploding before. That should NEVER happen.
    7. Some internals are proprietary. I don't like proprietary.
    8. They've taken over the US market, which makes me sad because I have to import in order to get Tokyo Marui guns.
    9. I don't like their bucking.
    10. Too high FPS.
    11. Their boxes are ugly.
    Just my two cents of a rant.
  5. Sophomore

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    The loading nozzle cracks and breaks easily with propane use. I've never heard of the bolt exploding.
  6. Valkyrie

    Valkyrie Active Member

    It was a horror story I heard. Probably because they were using Red Gas. I just don't like KWA. -.-
  7. pancakemix56

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    I personally haven't had much hands on experience with their gbbs, I meant this post to talk about AEGs. And if the fps is too high, pop in a new Spring. They can reliably run 20 rps at 400 fps. Very few guns at the price range can do that.
  8. Valkyrie

    Valkyrie Active Member

    Tokyo Marui can. Just without the FPS. :D
    You realize I won't stop arguing until you all know Marui is the best brand. ( JK)
  9. Echo-Zero

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    OP, do you have much technical knowledge?

    KWA has:

    - Metal, unported piston head.
    - 9mm Unflanged Bearings
    - No AOE correction, which makes it no more reliable than any other AEG with no AOE correction.
    - The fact they're trying to sell it as being "good" because it is 400 FPS.
    - Two piece hop up? Which if memory serves there is difficulty with modding this because of discrepancy in bucking/hop unit size. And this is arguably one of the most important parts.
    - Any of my AEGs can run reliably 400 FPS at 20 RPS. It's a myth that your gun will "explode" or that anything is going to break, unless you teched it badly, or the components are made of weaksauce. Try 30-40 RPS for explodey parts, anything less is just the result of people running their guns too fast for a setup with garbage teching/internals.

    I hate to offer a stereotypical response but...G&P makes a better gun, with easily better externals. Even a tuned JG will outshoot a KWA any day. Nevermind the issues with part compatibility.
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  10. Lil_Shady

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    I find that the AEGs are overpriced for what you get. For the same price or even cheaper you can get far better rifles.

    As far as the GBBs go, the internals aren't horrible but they are rather proprietary, and the takedowns are 99% different from other brands (the 1911s and USPs in particular are extreme PITAs)
  11. soviet

    soviet New Member

    Well not to thread jack, but I was likening the TT-33. All the reviews seem good. So that gun seems good?
  12. S1kkguy

    S1kkguy New Member

    I have to say that a majority of the people that make the statement "KWA sucks" are just on a bandwagon vibe and tend to just moan "proprietary PROPRIETARY PROPRIETARY" as their main "arguement". Total load of b0llox that is as any "tech" that knows what they're doing, can easily see that only a couple parts are actually what they claim, however, with a little modding can be made to accept fully TM compatible parts.

    There are some, although very few, that make a few reasonable points. But to be honest, alot of the reasons tend to kind of represent what their personal needs/wants/expectations are from an AEG. That doesn't make a whole brand bad, end of the day everyone looks for different things in their ideal gun.

    IMO, price wise they are very fair. Other than their non ported piston head, they have solid internals that can last a fairly long time as long as it's tuned adequately. The need for tuning can't really be used as an arguement as most AEGs need the almost the exact same attention in almost the exact same places when bought new. They (KWA) have a reinforced gearbox with very good quality trigger contacts that do actually handle the recommended spec'd lipo batteries for prolonged periods of time. No one seems to want to give credit for the fact that they enable people to use lipos without affecting the warranty. Sure it's not a million volts with a million amps discharge but it's a step in the right direction for the industry IMO.

    People say G&P is better and externally, I'd agree in many cases (not all) however their internals have a good few terrible components and people somehow always miss that out when comparing the two. Their m120 motors are crap, their gearsets are crap, most of their pistons are crap. Not exactly the perfect gun that people make it out to be when you really look at what you're getting internally. KWA isn't perfect either, but that's my point. No brand is.

    I don't have preferences based on brands, I like good guns. But this bandwagon thing gets irritating. Like I said earlier, some people do make valid points. But every company has flaws and imperfections, it'd be silly to think that KWA is a total fail brand the way people make it out to be.
  13. Leonidas

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    OH! You mean KWGay? Hmmm, something about selector switches............
  14. crossmanownsjk

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    Not even its Gay&Proud (G&P for slow people)

    People that hate on kwa's are the same people that are against buying prebuilt computers and apple products. There are very few things that are proprietary.
    I bet you that 9/10 haters have never owned one.
  15. MrGoodkat

    MrGoodkat Active Member

    Ugh, don't even get me started on prebuilt computers. :p

    For the record I am generally anti KWA but I recognize it has it's place as a brand (for people who don't want to ever open up their gun) and respect that. Just my opinion.
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  16. Archer627

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    I suppose I'll submit my take on this dispute. The reason I don't like KWA AEGs is the fact that they aren't built very well. A list of flaws KWA AEGs have:

    1)Proprietary gearbox shell.
    2)Some gears don't like to sit well in the shell
    3)Stock piston is crappy
    4)Piston head is a solid block of metal. This can cause a "vacuum effect"
    5)Externals are not that great
    6)Some external parts require extensive modifications to work on the gun
    7)Two piece hop up makes putting on a new lower receiver difficult without swapping chambers
    8)2GX hop up can't beat a flat hopped gun
    9)Is not capable of taking decent lipos
    10)Very picky with mags
    11)Stock motor is not very good

    I can go on and on with that list. However, because I'm not going to pick a fight with you KWA fanboys, I'll list some pros of the KWA guns.

    1)Good enough if you aren't going to ever open it up
    2)Stock performance is decent
  17. Valkyrie

    Valkyrie Active Member

    +1111111111111111111111111 I agree with almost everything on that list. Plus, they've taken over the U.S. market, making 99% of guns imported KWA's. It makes it extremely difficult to get Japanese GBB's now, as I know only one retailer that still carries them in the US.
  18. Lefse

    Lefse Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    You pretty much just described most of the AEG market, any stock gun is junk compared to a properly tuned gun.
  19. Archer627

    Archer627 New Member

    Not really. Lol. I don't see most of those problems in other brands except the piston problem and not being able to take a decent Lipo.
  20. schlabie

    schlabie New Member

    From my local airsoft store (the army store), the owner Mike recommended to my friend to get a KWA if he didn't plan on upgrading it. But told him for the extra money, if he wanted to upgrade his gun to go for a G&P, or a VFC. My problems with KWA are their rebranding, and every kid at my field gets his mum to buy it for him and he is garbage with it.