Why my G&G Veteran is not working?

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    Hi everyone, recently from Airsoft Gi's mystery boxes, I won a G&G Veteran M14. So I accidentally bought a crane stock nunchuk battery for it. Also I had to use my friend's small to large connector to see how it works. Yesterday I charged the battery up and connected it to the gun, and went out to shoot it. It started dry firing on me. I don't think the bb's were being fed into the gun because everytime I took the mag out no bbs were coming out. Only once and at a random time did 5 bbs fall out when I took the mag out. Also, the battery connector thing is small on the veteran, and the nunchuk one is a big connector. What type of battery would be recommended for the gun? Also, after dry firing it about 10 times, it would not even make a noise of shooting! It started clicking when I pulled the trigger then nothing happened at all. I am getting really sick of spending money of things to fix it. What can I do? I RREEEAALLLYYY want to use it in skirmishes! Please help!
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    If it's a hi-cap, make sure it's fully wound up. Often feeding problems are due to mags not being fully wound up.
    If it's wound up, ensure it's sitting in the gun properly. If it wobbles, just move it around and see if that helps.