Why People Stop Airsofting

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by willer2122, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. willer2122

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    This really used to confuse me not too long ago. Now, I know the answer.

    I got really into the sport in the past 2 years. Graduated to a cyma AK, then to a 'real gun', a G&G f2000. I loved the sport, and since I moved a year and a half ago, I got really into the forums here and made a ton of friends at the small local field. Almost every weekend during the summer, I was there playing and hanging out. Then sophmore year came. I started hanging out with school friends, getting into clubs and sports, and working at the field. With all of this (plus some family issues) going on, I really have not much time at all to actually play. This is my first time on the forum in more than 2 months, and this weekend will be my first game played in almost as long.

    Basically, when people quit, life catches up to them and they have almost no time for it any more. I will not be quitting, but i no longer have so much free time to invest into airsoft
  2. IHOP

    IHOP New Member

    I like when people I don't know or play with quit. I gives me a chance to buy their stuff for really cheap.

  3. Retrospection

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    People I used to play with quit because they developed a feud towards my other friend players. So now 3 of my friends refuse to play. Which confuses me because I understand that they hate each other but that's more of a reason to play. You get to hunt down and shoot at the person you hate. Am I the only one that sees that?
  4. Scarred

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    Then they think you're a stalker because you message then ten times a day. You will never win, IHOP. ;)
  5. AznMunkay

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    Over here people quit because they have other things to do such as, their car, dirtbike/atv, and sometimes just plain video games, most of the time it's because of their girlfriends lol.
  6. Dante

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    i'm pretty sure if you're playing to shoot people you don't like and thats your only reason to keep playing you should probably stop playing and get some anger managment class.
  7. L5132

    L5132 New Member

    I agree completely. However I need to take advantage of these situations more often.
  8. Axis

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    People usually quit airsoft for these reasons:

    They move
    They need to sell their guns for money
    Their social life improves to the point of being invited to a lot of events that aren't airsoft related
    They go into the military
    They become uninterested

    ...and numerous other reasons. Personally, I don't have any problem with it. I sort of like airsoft being a "background" sport.
  9. Shiftyshooter

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    Although I rarely play nowadays (organizing the events instead of playing, work, family, etc.) I never really quit airsoft.
  10. AirsoftimusPrime

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    Satellite Beach
    I quit for 8 months recently. Then I came back realizing I'm not good at anything besides barrel assemblies :(
  11. marine121496

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    Ann Arbor

    Lot of people quit to fund real steel as well.
  12. Retrospection

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    Lately I've been making meme's so I figured I'd post this one here.

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  13. airsoftaddict89

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    I recently moved, and I have to drive an hour to go play Airsoft at a paintball field. Paintball rules and Airsoft don't go together very well. My mom (yes I'm very young) keeps telling me I need to find a new hobby. I'm pretty close to quitting.

    Sad thing is though, i know allot of noobs who are very new to the sport. So I decided to start hosting Airsoft games for 2 reasons: Promote Airsoft, and gun/airsoft safety. Still working on property though. Hopefully it'll become popular.
  14. Dead Eye

    Dead Eye New Member

    I have had a couple friends quit because of a team in the area that has shown a lot of bad sportsmanship. they don't call hits, they bully a game director into changing things to work to their advantage, they run hot guns that their teammates who somehow get to run the chrono pass. and many other things.
    this is why good players should not quit! they should keep playing and adress the issues @ the field!
    we should push out the players who cause airsoft more harm!
  15. AirsoftimusPrime

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    Satellite Beach
    I push them out with a lot of BBs on the field.
  16. willer2122

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    Yeah, that too :D :D :D :D
  17. ZakDaMack

    ZakDaMack New Member

    I feel that this post is just too true. Since my friend had a "feud" with a marshal (long story), he doesn't seem to want to play anymore and always comesup with excuses to not go. It's a shame really because I feel like im losing interest in the sport aswell despite splashing out money on a new gun and gear
  18. echo1 vmg-74

    echo1 vmg-74 Active Member

    I get bored of it at times and come back to it later. Also it can be expensive
  19. FSTK

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    The only place close to our area is Ukau's. About a year ago: I used to run with a bunch of regulars there: even exchanged numbers and went out after games to eat. Fun times all around.

    However, since they're the only area within the Sac County (besides Airsoft Battlegrounds), they've used that position to jack their entry fees up and the experience is very sub-par by comparison to other fields in the Bay Area. I still go, but the regulars I used to see don't go anymore. When I asked why: we've agreed that that field isn't any good and that there isn't any nearby fields to go to. IMO, it's not the expenses that bothers me, but the expenses don't justify the level of service.
  20. richman992

    richman992 Active Member

    Im quitting, for a few reasons:

    1. i never play anymore
    2. im getting into real steel shooting
    3. im leaving for basic in a month and a half
    4. i spend all of my money on airsoft

    im selling my guns to fund my real steel shotgun. im keeping only my glock, as a show piece and to play occasional games with friends or whatever. But i'll probably still be semi-active here.