Will an shs standard long type motor power an m120?

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    OK guys so my g&g raider l motor is toasted, i dropped an m120 into my gun and my motor fried up in my first battle, everything worked fine, now my gun has a jg m41 motor and is shooting considerably faster. My 2 problems/concers are my guns internals will wear out with a higher speed and my 2 mag brand mid caps dont feed neither does my stock 350 rd high cap.
    Thanks guys!
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    If the internal parts are of decent quality and is properly installed and tuned, they should last several seasons before needing a service. What's your budget limit? If you don't mind spending a bit of cash, then I highly recommend the Lonex A2. it's a fairly slow motor, but it's very durable, and has tons of torque, it will pull an M120 like it's air. With a 9.6v ni-mh I would expect the rof to be in the low 20's, it should be around 20 rps with a 7.4v li-po.

    What's your current rps? If you're having feeding issues below 25 rps, you're either using bad bb's, your mags are bad, or your gun has a feeding issue. This can be caused by a worn tappetplate or a misaligned feeding tube or a poorly fitted hop-up bucking.

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    I just ordered a new bucking and my rof is probly around low 20's
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    Your mag miss should not have feeding problems that is my go to mag for 60+ rps. You might need to clean and lube them? You shouldn't have problems with your jg motor either
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    So my gun should run this setup cleanly for quite a while?
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    adjust your AOE and clean your mags.