Winter objective scenarios

Discussion in 'Scenarios & Milsim' started by brokenarrow, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. brokenarrow

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    I'm planning a game for late December where a two or three man team has to capture an objective, while a second two or three man team links up with the first. Also have everyone else be the Opfor and try to eliminate the operators. Any other suggestions, I'm open to all
  2. Castle2ndclass

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    You've probably heard this one before and it's kind of based off Medal of Honor but there are 2 US navy seals in captivity presumably injured. 2 chinooks full of airborne rangers are sent in to rescue them while destroying enemy campsites along the way. As soon as they have destroyed the enemy camps, they must clear an LZ and wait for extraction. The opposition is the standard OpFor. Of course you can scale this down to fit your # of soldiers and their skill.

  3. GolfisGood

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    Sometimes it's just better to keep it simple. When it gets cold out I prefer just a good ol' shoot the hell out of the other team instead of me freezing my *** off in the snow defending something. If anything make it a fast paced game, keep still in the snow leads for a bad time.
  4. YoYo-Pete

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    I'm a fan of 'plant the bomb' type scenarios.