Woodland Tactics

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  1. SuperSAP

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    Well my airsoft team has gotten really involved in woodland combat lately and we need some tactics because my assult men get out fast because they kind of run right in. Are there any tips i can give them?
  2. Hartman96

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    How many guys do you have? What roles do they play? Weapons for said roles? What "tactics" do y'all curently use?

  3. SuperSAP

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    Well right now we have a squad of five. A sniper 2 stealth guys and an assult team. The sniper obviously uses a sniper the stealth guys use a Javelin Elctric Blowback M4(both of them) and the assult uses a CYMA AK and a Blackwater M4
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    so your assault team is only made up of two members? This seems like it might be ineffective just by numbers. Now yes I know numbers don't always win fights but they sure as hell help out. Your "stealth" or recon team seems unnecessary to consist of two people for airsoft. What you could do is make your sniper a team with one of the guys from the recon team. Then you can deploy your sniper team as scouts and add another member to your assault team. You would be surprised how much a third will help increase fire power and ground covered.

    Another option would to make your whole team an assault squad with special deployment. Which means every one assaults targets as a team but if the situation calls for some kind of specialist you have someone who can fill this spot. So take a sniper for example. On a deployment specification set up he will fight just like everyone else on your team unless he needs to be deployed as a sniper. (I hope this makes sense to you)

    Now this is all speculation I do not know if your "stealth" team pulls back to strengthen your assault team or what. So if I got your set up completely wrong I am sorry.
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  5. Hartman96

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    I agree. But I would pull the stealth guys and use them as assault, and just have your sniper/recon guy alone. When the shooting does start have him fall back into a support position and pick off guys.
  6. McGee

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    Form two pairs. Two shoot, kneeling or prone, while the other two move up about 20 feet (moving for less than three seconds). They stop, aim, and start firing. That's when the first pair can get up and move forward (or flank a little) for about 3 seconds. It's called bounding overwatch.

    The sniper? Let him use your pistol...
  7. Bobbunny

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    Eh, let the sniper get a quick look at what's front. If there are people, let him/her take them out. Otherwise send your main assault group up (Get one guy from your "Stealth" Team over to there". Get them to be spread out and low. Do an arrowhead formation and try to make use of cover whenever you can. Don't engage if they have easy access to any groupings of trees/brush. If you have camo, use it to ambush them if they come marching.

    Sniper - He/she should most definitally stay back in a little hide and act more or less as an overwatch. If you guys have radios, make sure the sniper has one. Said person can keep watch over everywhere.

    Recon Person/Stealth - Again, if you guys have comms, make sure this person has one too. If you only have 2, give it to the sniper. Go low and take your time through the long way around. Make use of any camouflage and brush to hide yourself. If you've got a shemagh in OD or Brown, use it to help hide your gun. Barrel wrap would be good too to help blend in. Tell the him/her to keep low and don't be an idiot. If you guys are in a firefight, stealth should go and flank. Hell, scouting and flanking should be the main priority. If said stealth encounters a group, stay low and out of sight. Pick em off if they spread out too far, but do a hit and run.

    Assault - Use cover. Arrowhead formation gives you a wider range of sight so to speak, and being spread out makes a full auto spray less effective. Use surpressive fire to keep their heads down so the others can move up. Plan up a path and strategy before charging in. Also, never run in. That's just asking to die. Go in a straight line if it's through brush. If it's a trail and brush around it, get at least one guy to crawl through it.

    Remember. Tree does not = protection. Chances are, you'll just be shot from a side.
  8. RangerVaughn117

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    Tell them the importance of calming the hell down and being pacient and using cover and strategy. Ambushs and guerilla warfare work great in woodland enviroments.
  9. Firefox0410

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    I would agree. I do it all the time and thats how i win most most of my matches.