Worst Airsoft Experiences - Share Your Stories

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by tim_the_bear, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. tim_the_bear

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    Tim Town
    I've been playing airsoft for a long, long time now and have overall had a great experience. Typically, people are nice and respectful, but not always. Share your worst airsoft experiences below! Whether it's a fight you saw, a rude person you met, or a time where your LiPo blew up, I wanna hear it!
  2. ANAME

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    Sweat, Sweat, and More Sweat

    My worst airsoft experience (not really, it was actually a lot of fun) was when I went to Op: Overwatch 3 in Florida. It was over 100°F, which, as you can imagine, is not ideal for airsoft. The actual game was tolerable, as I was pumped up on adrenaline and excitement, but he camping was horrible. Just sitting...boiling in the sun, with no escape. Overall, a really fun game though, and I wouldn't trade it for the world, and would defiantly recommend it!!:D

  3. EVE_Bishop

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    Normal night game, opposing forces are camped out of our spawn (like 10 ft from the exit). I try jumping out to catch someone knowing I would be killed instantly but my respawn is right here. Because of the heavy plastic drapes I couldnt get out all the way to fire (no shooting from inside the spawn). Got lit up up close by someone with full auto and I was wearing short sleeves. That same day a random bb bounced off my vest and came up under my mask! A frustrating and painful day..
  4. hailedcoma

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    The game was attack and defend. Our team was defending a build where a bomb needed to be planted. I was in a room watching a hallway. The game was about to end so I knew that they would rush in. The as the game ends a guy just starts going full auto on the door. The game is over for roughly 30 seconds and the guy comes around the corner and point blanks me. I came out someone stepped between, thankfully and I just walked out. I'm fine with getting point blanked but don't do it after the game.
  5. mattfitz123

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    Simple team death match game. I was shooting at one guy and I saw a sniper BB
    coming. I dodged it, but mid dodge I pulled the trigger and my bb hit a metal barrier by the enemy spawn. A dead enemy started freaking out at me and started walking toward me. I told him it was an accident but was in my face. I just kept playing while he yelled at me. We eventually won
  6. hailedcoma

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    New one I just finished playing I took my phone out of my pocket and to my amazement after about two to three years of airsoft with my phone on me. My screen finally gets shot out. It's my fault I guess I should have left it at the staging area.