WTB 1911 MEU parts mainspring housing. Grips.

Discussion in 'Parts and Accessories Classifieds' started by roryMCM, Nov 11, 2018.

  1. roryMCM

    roryMCM New Member

    For my KJW 1911A1. Straight mainspring housing, and the wrap-around rubber grips, both found on the 1911 MEU.

    Really just need those 2 things. If you got a parts gun you're willing to let go for the cheap, might take that off your hands. PayPal ready. Thanks.
  2. Bisqcateer

    Bisqcateer Member

    Elk Grove
    If you're interested in a full WE MEU 1911 package (desert tan) in used condition (mostly cosmetically used), but is 100% functional, I'm trying to get rid of all my remaining 1911 stuff.

    Should come with the gun, 2 mags, that OEM rubber wraparound MEU grip, a set of authentic Magpul 1911 grips (black), and extra spring & steel disconnector. I'll sell everything for $70 shipped. The Magpul grips alone were ~$20, so think of it as $50 for a working WE 1911 for backup parts and 2 mags if you didn't want to keep it as is.

    I can send you pictures when I get home if you're interested.