WTB G18C Any Brand

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  1. AirsoftSquad56

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    Looking for any brand 18C, specifically C because it MUST have full auto (And be full size). Not looking for anything super special. Don't want your $500 Stark Arms/Real Steel gun. I want a stock 18c with at least one extended mag. Sub $150. I have trades.
    Digital Woodland Combat Shirt
    Prowin Hop Up, Orga barrel, miscellaneous bucking and nub set, 303mm
    MP7 sights
    MAYBE my custom/project MP5K. CYMA. Silver Upper receiver, aluminum rail system, thread adapter, two short and one long mags, extended barrel and upgraded motor. I'd value around $270 retail.
  2. noahburton13

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    New Richmond
    I got a KSC g18c for you
    The front sight is missing but I replaced it with a stud
    Doesn't look any different
    I have an extended mag and a regular mag.
    Text me at 7152457170