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  1. Osprey

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    I am looking for pretty much any gbbr
    Budget $200
    I will pay extra if it is Hpa tapped
    no mp7s please
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  2. SharpShot99

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    Private message sent.....

  3. ThatNolanKid

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    sound beach
    I've got a few:


    -WE HK416 (first generation) modded for every possible High Quality internal upgrade available for it by Blowback Armory and RA Tech parts. Comes with a Matrix red dot scope and a flip up guard (to prevent direct hit into optic.) Comes with 4 magazines and a single point sling. Paid well into $500 with the professional modifications, I am happily asking $250+shipping.

    -ACM Bell MP5 A6. Very cool and rare gbb smg w/ an amazing rate of fire. Has HK markings. Designed using the internals of a Maruzen MP5K but does not use their magazines. Comes with its own gear case, 4 magazines, and an enhanced loading muzzle. Case clips are poorly made, so I wouldn't use it for anything but storage without securing it better, but it comes with it anyway. Paid over $350, happily asking $160+shipping. Originally listed for 175.