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WTB LIPOS, Tracer, 416 Geissele Handguard, PTS EPM MAGS

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LIPOS, Tracer, 416 Geissele Handguard, PTS EPM MAGS.

Mainly looking for the lipos and the PTS EPM mags but if you have a tracer and the Geissele handguard hit me up ASAP!!
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Could you elaborate on your LIPO needs?
What you mean? I'm looking for an 11.1v lipo
Saying you need a 11.1V LIPO is like saying you need a "car".

Well a car can be many in many forms.

You will not be served in your needs, if you get a Honda Fit, when you need a Dodge Caravan.

So, if you need a 3S 11.1V for a Krytac Vector. Good like trying to find that battery by just saying, I need a LIPO 11.1V...unless you don't mind a battery dangling out of your grip.
I mean I need a regular 11.1v lipo, it could be 1 cell or 2 cells. I didn't specified because I wanted to see if anyone that got a lipo and want to sell it it's ok, I can buy it because I'm also looking for some to sell them to some friends...
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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