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WTB: M1928

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NO M1s, NO M1A1s, NO M1928's with side bolts! That's right, I'm looking for the unobtainum M1928 with a top bolt, vertical fore grip, drum, Cutts compensator, the works! Like Prohibition gangs would have used! (Except those would have most likely been M1921s which are nearly identical to the 1928 except for the... never mind you don't care) Must be in good+ condition. Preferably with two drums. Not interested in scalpers, people with unfair prices or those who supported the 18th amendment. King Arms or Ares is fine. PM or post!
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Only maker of that model is King Arms...and they are far and few in between.

I tried to make a correct 1928 Typewriter...but my French Masters were too stupid...
If you are serious,then you are in luck. I have exactly what you are looking for (and, quite honestly, there are only a handful of these guns made that deployed not only the MM 1928 metal upper receiver with finned barrel and Cutts compensator but the CAW wood furniture as well.

My MM/CAW (which started life as a TM M1A1 purchased new from RW many moons ago) goes one step further inasmuch as it's the ONLY (known) '28 CAW/MM that operates via the Polarstar system (see/contact Rudy H. at Bingo for the work that went into this masterpiece (and that is truly what this gorgeous piece is).

Looks, authenticity and, incredible performance walk hand in hand with this build. It's a show-stopper! The drum mag is really handy supplying this gun with the 6mm 'rounds' that the P* engine consumes!!

If you are interested and want details, price, etc., PM me. But please note beforehand: no fire-sale here and while I will not gouge neither will I take any loss on what I paid to gather and have professionally built this superlative gun (not to mention or include the time it took for me to gather and acquire the individual components). Would also come with 5 stick magazines in a 5 cell mag. Pouch


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Hi partner,

Just responding to what appears to be an 'alert' message from you to me (but when did not contain message. Probably a'false alarm' in which case no problemo.


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