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Hello AS,

I recently decided to chop up my 6-year old UTG L96 spring sniper and turn it into something cool. Since it's more of a cosmetic project, I want to add the fake magazine and glue it to the L96 body since it uses an imbedded magazine further up the stock. I'm looking for the "correct magazine placement" magazines that sit by the trigger.

If anyone has one, used or damaged, I'll take it! I can't justify buying a brand new one and chopping it up lol.

Also apparently the trigger box is dead, so if anyone of you have a replacement OEM trigger box (not looking to upgrade this internally at all, but I'll consider if the price is right), I'll take it too lol.

Pics of what I'm referring to below:

Rectangle Gadget Font Electric blue Audio equipment

Automotive exterior Auto part Automotive window part Fashion accessory Font


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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