WTB TM style AK parts and boneyard guns

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  1. TacticalTrumpet1129

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    Wanting to buy:
    Front Barrel Assemblies (Bonus for 74 for 100 series styled fronts)
    Metal Receivers!!!!! (None of that plastic crap)
    Whole or partial boneyard AKs
    Front sight posts, gas blocks, barrels (inner and outer, preferable together)
    Handguards (Plum preferred if you have, black and real wood ok as well)
    Pretty much if it's ak and based off of the TM style of AK I'll probably be interested.
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  2. Darkrainz

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    philly and allentown
    i have a ASR 115x full metal body for sale comes with hopup and inner barrel
    no gearbox or motor 125 shipped

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  3. TacticalTrumpet1129

    TacticalTrumpet1129 New Member

    Sorry I should've clarified above that I'm only interested in AK boneyard guns. Thanks though.