wtb/wttf p* v3

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  1. jdl

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    Looking for a p* v3 FE and anything else related to p*

    trades or cash

    1. G&G umg (not the crappy hk ump)
    3 highcaps
    Mock suppressor
    247mm prometheus 6.03 tbb
    Mosfet (one made by local tech)
    Issues: mags need some tuneup

    2. Kwa kmp9r
    Thread adapter can use any suppressor
    2 mags, 1 mag only used once
    Issues: had common issue of not firing full mag. Stretched spring as shown in YouTube videos

    3. Kwa m11
    Used 2 times
    No issues

    4. Prometheus 363mm tbb 6.03

    5. A&k m249 saw
    Bottom hand guard railed
    Deans (probably needs soldering as it is ugly but works)
    M249 Bag, barely used
    3 drum mags
    1 works but may need adjusting
    Others are for parts
    Parts bag
  2. jdl

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    would also buy a smp v2. Rig and tank as well.

  3. Guardian1

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    Grosse Poinye
    Are you only interested in a P* Version 3? I have a version 2 if your interested in an m4 P*
  4. jdl

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    possibly, shoot me a pm with what you have in mind.