WTS 11L5A1 Airsoft Sniper

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    06173C5F-130F-46FC-91B8-DA0275FC5032.jpeg Looking to sell a 11L5A1 variety sniper rifle build. It’s a bolt action sniper, It has 2 mags, a shoulder strap, a jammer stick, and a sniper scope with a lens cover cap.
    It’s in fine condition, has only one brown scuff mark on the side that’s pictured right in the middle of the body, but it’s not damage.
    Hasn’t been used for some years, so it should work perfectly, but if the pull back feels to hard to pull back to you, may just need a little grease.
    Asking $180 for it.

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  2. Nova Airsoft

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    Looks great! I'm not interested in buying, however, if you are looking to sell, try an app called hop up. Its like ebay for airsoft. (Not a promo, just a reccomendation)