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Got these off a friend that was moving to fix up and now making room in my collection for new projects.

Air gun Trigger Machine gun Shotgun Gun barrel

G&G M14 EBR - $480 Shipped: SOLD

Gas Machine Engineering Metal Composite material

Gun shoots absurdly well with a MOSFET and RHopped barrel. Comes with:

- 3x-12x Scope w/ Lens protector

- Spare Steel Motor Cage

- 2x mags; 1x Hicap and 1x Midcap

King Arms SVD - $350 Shipped:

Automotive tire Event Engineering Metal Liquid

Gearbox came out really nice with a MOSFET and a set of SHS SR25 gears, meaning it uses the full cylinder bore. Barrel is also Rhopped. Comes with:

- PSO-1 Scope (Has a lens protector)

- 2x Hicap Magazines

AK5 - $370 Shipped: OFF MARKET - keeping it

Air gun Machine gun Trigger Office equipment Wood

Came from a different set, base gun is a metal CYMA, but it's had a lot of work on it. Aside from the obvious unique front end and scope mount the gearbox has a 3-Round burst MOSFET, a Streak Hop-up tracer unit, an RHopped stainless steel barrel, and a set of helical gears driven by a neodymium motor. Comes with:

-Streak HUTU

- PSO-1 Scope w/ Eye-cover (Has a lens protector)

- Mount and reflex sight

- Mock suppressor

- 1x Hicap shorty mag

AK47 Side-Folder - $200 Shipped:

Machine gun Trigger Air gun Gun barrel Automotive tire

Base gun is a CYMA, but the metal body has a side-folding stock instead of the flimsy underfolder. Body is painted with Duracoat "Magpul Foliage Green" and also has a MOSFET & Streak Hop-up Tracer unit. Very high ROF, fun little gun! Comes with:

- Streak HUTU

- 1x Flash-mag Hicap

*I also do ReMag magwells for GBB guns and should have a few listed before too long like an AAP01 and a Jag Scattergun.


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